Jo Malone – White Jasmine and Mint candle.

Jo_Malone_white jasmint and mint candle
I was dreaming of a posh candle for ages, made with natural extracts or essential oils, which fills the room with a lovely scent when you burn it. I used to sniff them all, Diptyque, Jo Malone or White Company candles. I bought them many times as gifts but never for myself. Do you know the feeling when you give someone something you really desire? You’re passing it over and in your head you’re calculating what to do to keep it for yourself. That’s how I felt, like not letting it go. Perhaps pretending a muscle spasm could be an option. Embarrassing I suppose, but the gift will stay with the giver. Despite being a absolute fanatic when it comes to candles I couldn’t justify to spend around £40 on a candle for myself. I was hoping for someone to buy it for me as a gift, and I would be still waiting if I hadn’t gone and bought it myself.

Shopping at Jo Malone

A while ago, I decided that I’m allowed one treat a month only for a pure pleasure. And yes you’re right, it doesn’t have to be anything useful or sensible or anything I really need or should get. The rule is it has to make me smile and make me happy. When the rule was ruled into my life, I went to Jo Malone and got myself a pretty candle. I had it beautifully wrapped and packed in a box, which made the whole experience even better. Not only did I have fun while choosing the candle, but I had a lot of enjoyment when I got home and was able to unwrap it. It’s not geeky at all, is it?



Now each time I’m burning my Jo Malone candle my room fills with a lovely delicate yet noticeable scent of white jasmine and mint. Yet again you guessed right, I’m loving it. It’s great to have a scented candle, which you can actually smell when you burn it. They are quite pricey as a candle costs £38, but hey it’s worth it.

For now I still feel like I’m treating myself each time I burn my candle, this probably will wear off with time, but this certainly won’t be my last Jo Malone candle. I’m very happy with the choice of scent. Now I’m even thinking that a White Jasmine and Mint diffuser would be very nice addition in the bedroom.

Do you feel like having Jo Malone candle? Would you spend that much on a one?

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