LSA International Vase for a beautiful home.

LSA International Vase


LSA International vases are simple and this is what makes them pretty, appealing and not too expensive.

After months of searching for a perfect vase to display fresh flowers in at home. I finally found them in my local Oliver Bonus store. I’m really excited about what I found so I’ve decided to share my findings with you.

I don’t mind to spend money on a vase which would be the main decorative item, but when it’s about the flowers being the adornment rather then the vase itself, simplicity and a good price is what I look for.

Do you like them?

 LSA vase

Have a beautiful home people, here is the link to LSA International web site, I’ve already found a dozen other items I’d like, but I need a bigger pad first or a bigger bank account balance :)

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