Multi-purpose dry oil for face, body and hair by Nuxe.


I bought this little bottle of Huile Pradigieuse OR in France during my holiday. Now, this dry oil from Nuxe is a well known beauty secret. I’ve had my eyes on it for quite a while and with the beautiful sunny weather I could finally justify spending some money on a sparkly body product.

It’s an absolutely fantastic all year round product. You can pick up a version that is glitter free as well if you like. Mine has small particles of gold in it. It’s a mix of 6 different oils and like the name says it’s a dry oil. This means that despite the oily texture, this oil drys out instantly on your skin. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky even in hot weather. I like it’s instantly drying texture, which has been hydrating my skin so much that I’m going to buy a bottle of glitter free Huile Pradigieuse for winter. It fits perfectly in with my morning routine as it doesn’t require any drying time and I can simply pop my clothes on instantly.

Initially I wasn’t sure if I’d like its sweet smell, but I found it settled enough and I got used to it in a couple of days. I would dare to say that this oil has quickly become one of my most favourite body products. It’s a multi purpose oil so you can use it for your body, face and hair. Personally I use it mainly for my body and occasionally I rub a little bit into my hair too.

Edited: 25/08/13

Here is the link to the Nuxe web site where you can find all the products

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