Summer handbag essentials.

Summer handbag must haves


Hello folks, isn’t it lovely when the Sun in shining. I’m certainly in a good mood, loving my sandals and bare legs at the moment. With this gorgeous hot weather I’ve ditched my coat and my summer clothes have moved into my closet. What about the handbag though?

In the summer I tend to carry less in my handbag. Here are my summer handbag essentials featuring some of my current favourites. All of these products fit into even my tiny weekend handbag.

What goes into summer bag

My purse, phone and oyster card are the obvious handbag inclusions no matter what the season.

Shades would be an absolute must in the summer but I dot use them in the winter too if we get the odd sunny day.

Next on the list are some really basic makeup essentials.

Sanitising gel can come in really handy in the hot weather. This one is from L’Occitane. I paid around £6 for it, which is a lot for this type of product, but I hate when gel sanitises leave my hands sticky. This one smells of lavender and will disappear without any need of rubbing it with a tissue.

I always have some kind of a lip product, at the moment it’s a lip gloss. Recently I’m loving Lancome gloss in love and Bourjois Color Boost.

I also found some space in my little bag for a face mist. I picked this gorgeous mist in France recently and I’ve become obsessed about it. This is a tiny little bottle, which is now nearly empty. It’s refreshing, cooling, smells lovely and helps to refine your pores. I totally adore it at the moment.

Last but not least in my handbag essential kit is a powder to hide that little bit of shine.

These few items allow me to stay cool, look fresh and feel confident whatever the day brings!

What are your current handbag must haves?


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