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Only in Milan

I visited Milan a couple of weeks ago as it’s only a couple of hours drive from Chamonix, where I was staying. I love Italy and I’ve visited many places there from the big cities such as Rome and Florence, to the small villages, however I’ve never been to Milan. The city is known for its fashion and so for me it an extremely interesting destination to go to.

Milan Duomo

Despite being a fashion destination and a home to some beautiful art, in comparison to other italian cities I’ve visited in the past, unfortunately Milan was the most disappointing of them all. I haven’t had a chance to scout it deeply, therefore I hope I’ll be able to tour it better in the future, perhaps next time during Milan fashion week.

Streets of Milan

Usually the renowned stylish Italian gents and ladies are seen flooding the streets of Italian cites as if the the city were a huge catwalk, however, surprisingly they were nowhere to be seen in Milan. I believe Milan is more of a ‘behind the cine’ fashion capital. I had a chance to see a fashion shoot taking place at the piazza though.

Fashion shoot in Milan

Having only a day and a trip back to Chamonix, I spent most time around Duomo piazza. I had my panini siting in the piazza and watched people pass by. I visited the Cathedral and walked through the magnificent building of Vittorio Emanuelle II, which is now a house to a few designer shops. Next I strolled to the Calstello Sforzesco, at that point the heat was just unbearable. This was naturally a perfect time for an ice cream break.

Milan Vittorio Emanuelle II

 SocialBeautify in Milan

Milan 1

Milan - Vittorio Emanuelle II building

Castello Milano


When it comes to shopping, I personally feel Florence had more to offer than Milan. I recall designers shops on every street, no matter if you were on the way to the museum or on an actual shopping escapade.

Small streets of Milan


Fish Market Milan

I’m glad I’ve been to Milan, however my next italian adventure is more likely going to be to Rome or Florence, but I do hope I’ll return to Milan in order to report back from the Milan Fashion Week in the near future… and hopefully bump into a couple of Armani Jeans models on my way  ;)

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