Advanced Genifique by Lancome.

Lancome Advanced Genifique

If you’ve never heard of Genifique then you have some catching up to do as this is one of the most awarded serums globally and one of the best kept secrets by Lancome.

New Advanced Genifique has a more powerful formula that boosts twice as many genes in your skin. This stimulates production of youth proteins in your skin. New Advanced Genifique stimulates production of 43 new proteins.
This award winning formula is now more powerful, each drop contains 40% more active ingredients. Advance Genifique you’ll use only once a day as its 24h formula will activate during the day and repair at night. Repairing and activating 10 signs of youth. Those you can see and those you can feel.

You’ll find also the packaging is advanced and it’ll dose a perfect amount of the product for every time as it self-loads when you close the bottle.

Lancome claims you’ll see results on 10 signs define youthful looking skin.

You’ll see reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles. Your skin should become more radiant and skin tone more even. Clarity of the skin should improve.

You’ll feel the improvement in skin texture and elasticity. Your skin should become firmer and better hydrated.  Skins tonicity will improve too.

I have just stared using my Advanced Genifique so bare with me and I’d let you know what I make of it. I used to love the original Genifique and this sounds even better so I have quite big expectations. I expect to see quite a significant difference and good visible results with new Advanced Genifique.

There are three sizes available 30ml for £58; 50ml for £80 and 75ml for £92.

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