Living Up! A review of UP by Jawbone.

UP by Jawbone band

Up by Jawbone is a computer locked in a wristband. With an app to go with it it’ll monitor how you sleep, walk and if you use it fully it’ll tell you if you’re eating healthy or not. It can deliver a lot of data to help you live a heathy lifestyle.

In my opinion it’s for you if you’re serious about being fit and healthy. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have chocolate or a pizza now and then, but you should be the type who’s not scared to put some effort into changing your lifestyle choices.

I’ve been using my UP for over a month now. Here is my UP story.

It all sounded very good and cool at the start. However my first week of UP life was full of doubts. I couldn’t make my mind up how helpful it really was and if it could actually help me to change my lifestyle. I couldn’t stop thinking that it’s possibly one of the most expensive gadgets I own. I certainly didn’t want UP to be the most expensive and useless gadget I own. My doubts were probably reinforced by people I spoke to about it. There were quite a few negative reactions about using UP. Those I spoke to didn’t want any old wristband telling them what’s good or bad for them. Isn’t it being a bit disillusioned? Thinking that we are so perfect when in fact we’re far from it? This band is not telling you what do but how what you do is affecting you. It collects all the data that affects us in one place making our healthy choices more conscious.

The longer I’ve been living with UP the more I’m becoming a convert. UP is with me everywhere: in the shower, at work, snuggled in a duvet and going for a run.

Firstly I’ve been shocked at how precise it’s been at measuring my sleep. Up has been telling me how long it’s taken me to fall asleep, how much of deep and light sleep I’ve had and it is able to show me when and what state of sleep I’ve been in when I have woken up in the night.

It’s been quite amazing to see how a bad meal for dinner affected my mood before bed and my quality of sleep.
One of the features I like the most is the alarm clock. It wakes me up by vibrating. Up has been waking me up at any point within 20 minutes prior to the time I’d set it to go off; when it sensed I was in a state of light sleep.

There’re some things you should be entering into the app that runs alongside UP yourself. I add all the food information and mood changes. Now I’d like to point out that this will only be of any use if you’ll actually take some time to analyse all the data UP will collect and make the correlations between your mood and the data yourself.

UP by Jawbone

Food data has been one of the areas that has surprised me the most. I am very precise in entering as much data regarding food as possible, which took quite a lot of time initially but has been getting better as my food library has grown. I’ve been shocked quite a few times when a healthy option; a smoothy turned out being full of sugar or a super natural sandwich turned out having more salt than a bag of crisps. In general I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and most of my meals including lunch are home made. However, even with my day starting with a bowl of granola, I’ve very quickly realised that eating enough of all the good stuff is challenging.

Having all that information in a form of a graph has helped me realise what’s been affecting my body in a positive and negative way. Making healthy choices has been much easier. Giving up on McDonalds (knowing it gives me belly ache) was much easier. I was still craving it at times but really I enjoy sushi more. It tastes better, it’s healthier and I feel better after eating it.

I don’t like having head aches but if I don’t drink enough or eat enough juicy fruit I get them. So I make a point of remembering to have a bottle of water a day and a couple of really juicy fruits.

After some time with UP I’ve gotten used to entering all the information and it’s become quick and easy to use. I’ve totally changed my mind! I still think it’s a very expensive gadget, but at the same time it’s a gadget with a very good purpose and in the hands of wise and determined person, it can be a very powerful tool.
As long as you’re ok with finding out that your healthy smoothy is actually full of c#@p.

UP could help you to live your life in a healthy way, not rule it. If used wisely it’s a great gadget. It’ll help you to look at the areas of your life that will effect your well being.
For me, UP by Jawbone is getting the thumbs up!

Don’t spend £99 pounds if you don’t have enough motivation. Mr.D has ditched his band somewhere in the corner as he couldn’t be bothered with all the effort it takes to be kind to his body. But then if you don’t look after yourself, nobody else will.

Living UP with Jawbone

What do you think about wearing some kind of health tracking technology?

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