Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma – Review

Renergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma

Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma is supposed to be a newly engineered skincare, that should do wonders to our skin, but does it?

The serum launched in April. I had an opportunity to try it in advance, but I initially couldn’t make my mind up about it until now.

Reviva-Plasma is the newest addition to Lancôme’s Rénergie Multi-Lift range, which is targeting women in their mid thirties and forties. It helps to lift and firm your skin, keeping it looking plumped and smooth. Serums tend to work well in tackling skin concerns whilst being lightweight in texture, however remember they should be followed by a moisturiser.

New Reviva-Plasma is supposed to revitalize your skin, be firming, reduce lines and wrinkles.

These are the results Lancôme’s promise: Skin looks instantly smoother. From 1 week, the skin is replenished with moisture and feels reinforced. Day after day, it appears younger and more beautiful, as if full of life. Skin looks revived and refreshed, it appears restored. Suitable for skin exposed to daily aggressions. Apply this serum in the morning and evening under your daily skincare.”

Reviva-Plasma 1

I have to say that skin really does instantly look very smooth, which I’m guessing is due to the content of synthetic wax. This is just a guess as I’m not a chemistry genius, but if there’s anyone who know’s better, I’d love to know.

I could definitely tell my skin looked refreshed, very refreshed to be quite honest.

Hydration was good, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a serum if a lack of moisture is your main concern.

I haven’t noticed any particular firming or plumping action on myself, but then I’d like to think that my skin is still quite firm, so simply there wasn’t much it could do. When it comes to lines, I didn’t have much to judge from as my expression lines have smoothed out after treating them with Visionnaire serum, so again nothing to report on this front.

Reviva-Plasma serum smells perfumed, quite intense for a skincare product, but not too overpowering. It feels creamy, very velvety, smooth and not oily at all. I like how it feels when I blend it, and I like how my skin feels too. However, I find it’s too much for me, because Riviva-Plasma appears to be coating my skin. It seams to be sitting on my skin rather then being absorbed and I don’t like that. I feel that it’d be too much to follow with a moisturiser as advised, but at the same time it doesn’t give enough nourishment for the skin to use just Reviva-Plasma on it’s own.

Reviva-Plasma 2

I like how refreshed my skin looks when I use this serum, but would prefer it to have lighter consistency. Due to it’s feel I’m not using it as it’s meant to be used. I reach for Reviva-Plasma only when I need extra smooth and glowing skin. I feel using it daily contributes to some little blemishes popping out on my T-zone.

It comes in a tube of 50 ml priced at £79.

I’d love to hear what results you had with this product if you used it? Do you use it daily and with your moisturiser?

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