Healthy breakfast ideas on the go!


Are you running out of the house without breakfast or maybe you’ve been promising yourself everyday that tomorrow you’ll make something healthy? Tomorrow is not happening is it?  Eating breakfast is very important but also it’s one of the meals we tend to skip the most. If you’re anything like me and never have enough time in the morning to get ready this should be just the thing for you. Here I show you 4 simple, quick and healthy breakfast ideas.

These are my current breakfast options that I make daily.  It’s very easy to just start the day with a slice or two of toast with nutalla. I have nothing against nutalla but I think there are better things out there to energise us in the morning than just bread.

I think once you actually make some effort to make it, you’ll realise how quick and easy it is. Make sure you make it tasty! Use ingredients you like.

I hope you enjoy the video with my breakfast ideas. Have you got any healthy easy breakfast ideas that you’d like to share? Share them below…

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    I always find breakfast to be boring, but reading your article inspired me to get my act together and prepare easy , yummy and healthy dishes. Will definately give these a go. A great read.

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