Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush by No7 – review.

No7 Cleasning Brush

It resembles the famous Clarisonic brush but with a much more purse friendly price.

When I first tried Beautiful Skin Brush by N07 I had never used Clarisonic so I had nothing to compare it to. I was just looking at performance, results and I how good in my opinion the product was.

Visually it’s not as slick as Clarisonic and it operates on batteries (2xAA), which is both a good and bad thing. Good when you travel as you don’t have to worry about a charger. Bad as the brush seems to slow down as the batteries are running out. I feel like it also slows down when applying a slight about of pressure to the skin. There’s also only one type of brush head to use with the Beautiful Skin Brush.

Cleasning Brush No7

When it comes to the performance you can certainly feel it’s washing your face. I don’t think this brush is best for you if your skin is very fragile or super sensitive. The brussels seem to be quite firm. In my opinion this product will be great for you if your skin is combination to oily, as oily skin tends to be a bit thicker and less sensitive.

If I was at any point unsure whether this brush can perform a deep clean I was left with no doubts after Mr.D polished his nose ‘Rudolph Red’, so much that it was left shiny red for two days! Yes the pores on Mr.D’s nose looked significantly cleaner. And this brings me swiftly to the point that when I was using the brush I made sure I was counting to 60 as the brush doesn’t have a timer. A minute is about how long it should take you to clean your whole face.

Beautliful Skin Cleasning Brush

You can pick up the Beautiful Skin Cleansing brush for £25 from No7 at Boots. It’s good if you’re looking for something that deep cleans your skin and you don’t want to break the bank. I wouldn’t use it daily though as it’s far to harsh for daily use. At the same time it hasn’t wowed me totally.

I have now received my very own Clarisonic. I’ve heard some opinions that there’s no difference between the two. For me, even after the first use, I thought the difference was incomparable. As far apart as the price tag. I shall be using it now and report back after some time.

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