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Nespresso coffee maker- S.B
Despite being a tea geek I do love a good cup of coffee now and then. After having a deeper look into all this ‘in home coffee business’ last autumn, I’ve decided to go with Nespresso. I didn’t buy a Nespresso coffee maker then, but I placed it on my wish list.
I was given a lovely new shinny Nespresso coffee machine for my birthday a couple of months ago, I’m one lucky girl. I’ve been using it every day since and I’m loving it.

The Machine.

Nespresso coffee machine itself is easy to use. Once again we can rely on Swiss precision.

Turn it on, wait about 20 seconds, choose the coffee capsule you like to drink, insert, press the button selecting what coffee you like to have an expresso or lungo and hey pronto*.
Making coffee with Nespresso
My machine comes with the milk frothing unit. If you like to have a cup of cappuccino now and then I recommend to get it as one rather than two separate units. It saves on space and mess in the kitchen. The Nespresso machine I got is priced at £199 but you can find a machine from £ 119.

There’s no real cleaning required. Once your coffee is done, the used capsule pops down to a little compartment that needs emptying now and then. If you’re frothing your milk you just have to rinse it and it’s done. If your machine will require bigger cleaning, the buttons will flash letting you know to insert a cleaning capsule instead of a usual coffee. Done.

Nespresso coffee and capsules

The coffee.

It’s all great with this pretty shiny machine but is the coffee any good? YES! There’s a huge variety of coffee available to tickle everyones taste buds. You’ll find something you like easily. Every coffee machine comes with samples of all the coffee capsules for you to try and taste. There’s also tasting available in Nespresso stores. Capsules work out 29 or 32 pence per capsule, which when you compare to a grounded coffee not an instant one it works out more or less the same.

Social Beautify - Nespresso

Hundreds of capsules and what to do with them…?

Recycle! I love the fact all capsules are made of aluminum, which is then recycled and used again to make new capsules. Nespresso provides recycling bags and even can collect your bag of used capsules when delivering your fresh coffee. I’m being very good and doing my part and recycling all my coffee capsules.

I genuinely recommend Nespresso if you’re looking to get a coffee maker, it’s well worth the money. I enjoy waking up to a cup of aromatic coffee. In the evening it’s still a cup of tea.

Morning coffee

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    Beauty Balm

    I’ve got a nespresso and love it! Every morning I have a skinny latte :) x

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