BIODERMA Sensibio H2O -review.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

One of the most know BIODERMA products is micellar water called Sensibio H2O. Despite many other brands introducing micellar water to their range of cleansing products, Sensibio H2O is still scoring top marks among bloggers and beauty writers. This is why I’ve decided to try it out and see if it’s going to impress me as much too.

I wash my face with water and face wash daily. Using a bit of a magic water on the cotton pad was actually quite a scary perspective. I didn’t want to break out but most of all I was convinced I’d need to wash my face afterwards to feel truly clean.

After being encouraged a number of times by my colleague, ensuring me Sensibio H2O is going to be amazing, I gave it a go. Here’s my Sensibio H2O experience.

I’ve heard people saying that they need only 3 cotton pads to remove all the makeup from their face. I needed about 6 to get everything out until the cotton was completely clean. It does say on the bottle to clean until cotton pad is clean and when I wear makeup I usually have full face of it so I just kept going.

Cleaning face with Bioderma micellar water
I have to admit that all my makeup came off very easily. I noticed that despite using cotton pads with Sensibio H2O my skin looked calm as if I haven’t even touched it, unlike with some other micellar waters I’ve tried or tissue off type of cleansing products.
The most surprising thing was how my skin felt afterwards. I was prepared for some residue on my skin maybe a bit of a sticky feeling, however, to my surprise it just felt clean and fresh. It felt like there was just nothing left on my skin. I didn’t feel any need of rinsing my skin with water. This was great as the instruction on the product says not to wash it after.

I wasn’t convinced from the first use but I have to admit I was quite impressed so I continued using it.
I found it brilliant for removing eye makeup as it was very gentle. Sensibio H20 worked well on my sensitized skin. I haven’t broke out while using it. I had a PR sample,small 100 ml bottle (also available for purchase for £4.50), that lasted me for a week. I don’t think I’d change my cleaning routine yet but I feel very tempted to order another bottle, perhaps this time a little bit bigger so I can use it for longer. I would also like to try some other products from the Sensibio range as my skin at the moment is quite sensitised and just isn’t looking its best.

Bioderma is new to the UK market, however it’s a well know brand on the continent. If you would like to find out more see my post ‘BIODERMA arrives to the uk’.

You can buy BIODERMA here or here.

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