Trying to catch spring at the Columbia Road flower market.

Columbia Rd. flower sign


It's been dull now for so long, so when the sun finally and kindly poked through the clouds on Sunday. I couldn't miss the opportunity! I went to the flower market in Columbia Road. I love this place; I go there often in spring, however it was the first time this year I've been. It’s only a small road, a short walk away from the Shoreditch High Street overground station, but it’s packed with a huge variety of cut flowers and lovely pot plants.


purple turlips


orchids at Columbia rd

Having no garden and living in a flat in central London means I really miss green surroundings. I grew up with my mother always planting something in her garden, my grandparents garden, my aunties garden or even a communal garden. We had fresh cut flowers at home most of the time too. I miss having fresh flowers at home.


Flowers on Columbia road


Columbia road roses


Blue hycinth


White hycinth

I get a bit overwhelmed when I get there. I want to buy everything or I can’t make my mind up what to choose. This time I took my friend Anna with me so I had a helping hand. She loved the market too and got herself some pot plants for her flat.


Pot plants at Culumbia rd market


There is plenty to choose from at Columbia Road flower market. I usually get there in the afternoon when most flowers are reduced. I can pick up a lovely bunch or two for £5 or £10. The Columbia Road flower market starts to shut around 1-2pm.


Shoreditch is full or shops, restaurants and pubs so you can easy loose yourself there for a whole day.

I hope these beautiful flowers will make you feel a little bit more summery. They’ve certainly lifted my spirit for sure.


cut flowers


Cloubmia rd. exsotic plants



  • Reply April 11, 2013


    I love Columbia Road… Must go back there soon! Lovely pics x

    • Reply April 16, 2013


      Thank you :) I’ve tried my best with the pictures. It was quite tricky in the crowd. It’s such a lovely place when it’s sunny. I must explore some other markets and gardens though. xx

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