Essie magnetic nail polish.

Snake Esse polish

I usually choose quite a classic look when it comes to my nails, but when my favourite nail polish brand Essie launched new magnetic polishes, I had to give it a go.

I love essie because of their great colours, fantastic formula that drys quick and it lasts well.

The result on the nail is similar but not exactly what you may expect by looking at the advertisement. Maybe this is why I was partly disappointed with it at the start. I was expecting perfection from my perfect nail polish brand.

Essie Snake polish

It creates an interesting result but I’d definitely recommend it for real manicure fans. It’s not the easiest thing to do if you’re a little bit clumsy and get your nail vanish everywhere while doing your nails. So here is what I think of the artistic funky version of Essie magnetic nail polish.

Creating the pattern wasn’t easy at first and I felt quite disappointed. However, when I’ve done it at home sitting down and having good light with my hand supported on a towel, it was much easier.

The tricky part is the second coat that creates the pattern.

In my opinion to make it look really good you have to be good in doing your nails neatly. I had to be really speedy when applying my second coat of the vanish. Immediately after applying the polish I held the magnet right next to my nail. That’s how the pattern is created.

Magnetic lid and nail polish

If I waited for too long, the polish was getting too dry to create the pattern. That’s why it’s important to have a good steady place and hand to do it. You must be super fast when switching from the nail brush to the magnet. The brush itself also isn’t the thick essie brush like the one on all the regular shades. I’d also recommend to keep the magnet by your nail for at least 10 seconds for the pattern to develop nicely.

Crating pattern with magnetic nail poslish

It would be great as well if the magnet was a little bit stronger. I found that if it’s not held literally 2-3 millimeters from the nail the pattern isn’t that great. When my hand wasn’t supported on the towel it was difficult to hold the cap with the magnet so close to my nail whilst keeping it perfectly still. I ended up touching my nails and damaging them. However when I used the towel to support both hands it all went smoothly.

Essie magnetic nail polish in Snake, Rattle and Roll

What I can say is that it’s cool but possibly not for everyone. I will probably give it a go a few more times as I’ve got the technique down now. If you’re lazy and like a quick fix when it comes to nails, I’d say stick to regular Essie nail vanishes as they’re amazing.

I’m using Essie magnetic nail polish in Snake, Rattle and Roll.

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