What goes on your head-all in one.

What goes on your head - series

To make it all nice and easy for you, here is everything we covered with Simon Mortimer when it comes to cosmetics and some of the ingredients used in them.

If you’re a regular visitor you will know about the series of posts I’ve created with a huge amount of help from an industry expert Simon.

 (I’ve introduced him in here).

If you’re new to my page and you’re interested in cosmetics and what they’re made of, I’d recommend you have a read through what Simon says as even I found it very interesting and surprising at times. Enjoy.

I thought it would be useful to have all the links to the series in one place, so here they are:

What goes on your head – Parabens

What goes on your head – LSL – surfactants.

What goes on you head – Natural products.


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