How to shop for a foundation, to get it right and not look like an Umpa Lumpa!

Foundation selection

This post in a few simple steps will tell you how to shop for a perfect base and get it right! You would like your make-up to look flawless just like a second skin, wouldn’t you?

To make sure your make up looks sublime and enhances your beauty rather than covering it, you’ll need to get it right. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be surprised how easy it is and how stunning you’ll look.

Considering that this is actually very easy and simple to achieve, I’m quite overwhelmed by the number of Umpa Lumpas on the streets. Now even if your base colour is perfect, you may find loads of other issues with it. The most annoying thing is the fact that it never looks the same as in magazine pictures or it never lasts as well as when the girl on the counter does it.


To Choosing your perfect base you need to:

  • know your skin type to tailor the product with your skin type for the best performance.  Using foundation for dry skin on an oily skin type is not the best idea even if your best friend loves it.


  • Know what you want. Decide on the result you’d like to achieve with the product. Would you prefer a matt finish or a radiant glow? Or maybe for you it’s the lasting power that matters. There’s plenty to choose from and knowing what you want will make it a whole lot easier.


  • Choose the right shade. (This might seem very obvious but apparently about 70% of ladies wear the wrong shade of foundation). If you don’t feel confident to match the shade on your own ask for help at a counter. Just remember your base shouldn’t be darker or lighter than your skin. It should blend in perfectly. Darker will age; lighter will make you look a bit ill or if you have olive/dark skin, it will make you look gray.


  •  Try it all over. If you haven’t got time to try it properly don’t even bother buying it.  Applying foundation all over your face is crucial for you to really see if the shade is correct and if you like the finish. It might be not enough coverage for your liking or it’ll be too shinny. This you can only see when the product is all over, not from a colour match test (those little strips you do on your chin).


  • Choose quality! Personally I would recommend choosing a base from a premium brand of your choice, these tend to be better quality and look more natural and flawless.


  • Prepare your skin before applying makeup. Don’t skip your moisturiser even if you think your skin is oily. It still needs moisture. If your skin is well hydrated your makeup is going to look smoother and probably last longer. Dehydrated skin is trying to compensate for lost moisture by producing more sebum, which can cause your makeup to slide off. Dry skin on the other hand is flaky and these will pick up foundation or powder and show on the skin.


  •  Use a tool. A foundation brush would be probably the best to create an even coverage and smooth finish. This way your foundation will last longer and it will be more perfectly distributed on the skin.

Now get your check list at the ready and go shop for your perfect base. I’d like to know what you found? Were you a bit of a Umpa Lumpa wearing foundation a shade or two darker than you needed?

I’ll be talking soon how to use your gorgeous new base to create a perfect flawless make up. If you don’t want to miss out, subscribe to receive posts by email now. Click on the box on the right hand side of the page.

Here are a few foundations I’ve used and love to give you some ideas where to start.

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Skin Illusion Mineral powder foundation by Clarins

Teint Miracle by Lancome in action. Video make-up tutorial.

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