Learning to ski in Les Houches in Chamonix.

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I woke up early as I couldn’t sleep with the excitement. It was my first winter holiday and I was about to learn to ski. I’ve always wanted to learn but never got round to doing it.

I decided to use EFS Les Houches ski school. The instructors are just phenomenal. I could not believe that after three hours of learning I was skiing parallel. For anyone not into skiing I’d like to explain that skiing parallel means a) you actually start to know what you’re doing b) you’re in control of your skis, at least most of the time c) you start enjoying going down the slope and getting some speed instead of just looking down and being petrified.

Only a week ago I didn’t even know how to put the skis on. I had an amazing time and I’m convinced that if I attempted to learn it myself, or worse, get Mr.D to teach me, I’d get frustrated very quickly and abandon my skis somewhere on the way to a SPA.

Thanks to the amazing instructors from EFS Les Houches I had fun, learned fast and enjoyed every single day.

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I keep telling everyone how amazing these guys are, so I just decided to share it with you too.

You can book your lessons online, what is probably the best thing to do if you’re coming in a busy period or when you want to make sure you have hours that suit you the most. You can always try to get some lessons when you arrive but when it’s busy and you leave it too late you may miss out on them.

I booked one to one lessons priced at 42 euros per hour and worth every penny. It’s just unbelievable how quickly you’ll learn if you’re brave enough to trust your instructor and do what they ask you to do. Don’t worry, it’s not like at school. These guys have a great sense of humour too.

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Social Beautify- Ski Chamonix

Thanks to the fantastic EFS skiing instructors I truly enjoyed skiing and exploring the slopes with confidence. Even Mr D got a bit jealous seeing my progress and booked himself a snowboard lesson to improve his technique boarding off-piste.

If you ever decide you want to learn how to ski or simply feel like improving your technique then these are the guys to use (if you go to Les Houches of course, which I highly recommend.

I felt sad leaving this stunning resort. It’s so charming and with so much spirit. I’m looking forward to going back to Les Houches next time. :)

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