Peel Off Passion.

Once again a small mask from Montagne Jeunesse came to rescue during my travels.

Passion Peel Off face mask with a blend of pomegranate and passion flower. It’s also infused with raspberry, grape and cranberry to deep cleanse purify and protect. It’s supposed to banish blemishes and leave the skin feeling fresh and well purified. It all sounds very tasty but what is it like?

I rarely use peel off masks and for some reason I just don’t believe they are as deep cleansing as SPA clay masks. Occasionally I like to reach and try something different. That’s why I like those little individually packaged masks. I was quite interested to see the results.

Peel Off Passion smells very fruity, quite intense but pleasant. Apply evenly all over your face and neck. Personally I used it only on my face only.

Before using the mask, my skin was a typical post flight, slightly dull also due to tiredness type. So I was quite curious to see the results.

At the start vapors were causing my eyes to itch a bit. Once the mask was starting to dry this feeling stopped. It wasn’t painful but rather unpleasant and effected the overall experience a little bit. I kept it on until the mask was dry, that was for about 15 minutes. The mask peeled off easily with no fuss and mess.


I have to say my complexion was radiant and skin was very smooth. The smooth feel and look to the skin lasted all day. I think this could be a great product to prep your skin before a night out or when you want super smooth skin for your makeup to look immaculate.

I don’t think the deep cleansing power is as strong as with clay or mud masks though. However my skin was certainly more radiant and smoother than what I was expecting.

I love the fact all Montagne Jeunesse masks come in one use sashes. That’s why I always travel with one on two to come to the rescue.

Passion Peel Off mask is available now at ASDA as well as other leading retailers. I tend to pick mine up at Boots. I have to admit that all the variety is not always available in store. For the best choice of products you can always pop to

Or here is the link to the Peel off Face Mask I’ve tried.

Oh and if you are a vegetarian you may like to know that all the products from Montagne Jeunesse are suitable for vegetarians.


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