In home SPA and relaxation.

Calming room spray


I’ve mastered in home SPA pretty much to perfection, as last year was all about finding time for myself and relaxing. So here is my guide on how to achieve a prefect SPA at home.

You’ll need some Cilit Bang to start with. If you’re planing to have a totally relaxing evening and create a in home SPA make sure you prepare your bathroom, bedroom and yourself for it. Do it the day before. Make sure on the day of your home spa you are just relaxing rather than trying to wash your hair, do your nails and then relax.

Set the scene! Bathroom! 
You will need a few little props and some nice products.
Candles! I definitely contribute to global warming with the amount of candles I burn!  Turn off all the lights and set some candles around the bathroom. If you can get yourself a scented candle, do so. If you can treat yourself to an aromatherapy candle with natural oils do try them out. They are divine.

Music. If it’s technically possible, play some relaxation music while having a bath. Mr.D’s BOSE speaker does it for me. I have this relaxation album and it’s fantastic! I’ve never got round to listen to it in full as I usually am asleep after just a few songs.
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In home spa -bose
Room scent. A relaxing room spray from Neal’s Yard Remedies. Based on the relaxing power of essential oils. I just feel it’s nice when your whole house smells like a SPA treatment room.

A cup of herbal tea! Make yourself a cup of herbal tea of your choice. Now you’re nearly ready to go.
Once you’ve done with all the adornments it’s time to pull out all the beauty products from your bathroom cupboard.

In home SPA
My recent discovery is L’Occitane Lavender foaming bath soak. It contains lavender essential oil from the Haute-Provence and smells divine. It doesn’t dry my skin out like many other bubble bath products do I will definitely buy another bottle and maybe even have a look if there is a scented candle in the range.
L'Occitane Lavender Bath
Clarins Tonic Bath&Shower

Clarins aromatherapy tonic shower gel and bubble bath is a good alternative if you prefer something more reviving.

Face mask. If you’re relaxing in the bath it’s good to put a face mask on. In a steamy bathroom your skin stays damp, it’ll help your mask to be absorbed better. I used to use my favourite Deep Cleansing mask from Omorovicza or alternatively a deep cleansing mask from Sanctuary Covent Garden. If I feel like I could do with a perk me up mask I’ll reach for Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I use it only as a mask and that’s how I like it the most. But quite recently I’ve discovered Biore mask which costs about £5 and its very, very good. It heats up in contact with wet skin to help open your pores to than cleanse and draw our the impurities. It also has very small exfoliating bits. Totally a winner especially for the price. You can get it from Boots.

beauty flash balm
Now just sit back in your bath and relax. Drink your lovely tea and enjoy the moment.

Set the scene – Bedroom.

I’ve mastered this part to perfection recently. Here I also spray my room scent. I recommend you light some candles and make sure you still have your relaxing music on in the bedroom.

My recent favourite is This Works pillow spray. It’s totally amazing. It’s quite gentle, at first I even thought it was not strong enough but as I continued to use it I fell in love with it. Now my pillow has a very delicate scent of essential oils helping me too relax and breath deeply. This came in a set with a deep sleep essential oil roll on for pulse points, which I’ve been using since. I haven’t found it actually worked any better than the pillow spray alone nor I felt like I slept any better when I used it.

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Face Moisturiser.
Back to in home SPA. I like to make it a totally lavishing evening and will really go all the way if it comes to all the props used. I’ve recently been using an aromatherapy face moisturiser from AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES. Now I have to explore this brand much, much more. I’ve heard a lot of good about it, but done small amount of research. I’ve treated my friend to a candle duo from this brand recently. I’ve chosen for myself aromatherapy soothing face moisturiser.
Aromatherapy Assosiates Soothing Cream
I promise a proper product review soon but here is what I think of it after using for about 2 weeks. The texture is surprisingly light though it feels a bit oily at the start of the application. It sinks into the skin instantly and there is no film left on the skin. It doesn’t feel oily or makes my skin shiny. (I’m combination skin type). I wasn’t sure of the scent itself at first as it’s based on pure essential oils, however it’s not too strong and I’ve noticed that about a minute after application I can’t smell it anymore. Don’t get me wrong I actually like the sent of essential oils in products, that’s why I use them but everyone is different. If you normally use products with artificial scents you might have to use it a few times to get used to it I suppose. It’s the same story with any This Works products, however I feel that This Works products are heavier scented that Aromatherapy Associates.Body Oil. 
For my in home SPA moments I also have a couple of body oils. These are massaging oils but I just like to use them instead of a body lotion after I had a long bath. I use them simply because I like the smell of the essential oils especially my Neal’s Yard Remedies Massage Oil.

Peace and quiet. 
Back to having an absolutely awesome in home SPA now. I think I talked about pretty much anything that you should do to make it a truly enjoyable experience. Now there is one more thing. A small arrangement you should make unless you’re single. Do make sure that your Mr is quiet or busy! Choose the night he’s out with the lads or send him to the cinema or at least give him some headphones to watch a long movie or series, so you have some quality me time.  Alternatively you could get him to give you a nice massage.


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    Thank you for this lovely post! It is a wonderful reminder of how fulfilling “formal” at-home relaxation time can be.

    On a completely different note, I really like your website redesign. I visit your site occasionally and really enjoy it, in part because I think we have the same taste in cosmetics. (Right now, I have my heart set on two Clarins eyeshadow quads – forest and Odessy – but I think I can only justify one. Decisions! :)

    Best regards,


    • Reply October 27, 2013


      Hi Natalie,

      Thank you so much! I’m so pleased you like SB new design.

      Lest’s talk cosmetic business than, since we’ve got similar taste. I’ve been using Hypnose mascara for ages. I’d like to try something new now. What’s your favourite mascara? When it comes to the eyes shadows I’d say get only one, you’ll be able to justify another palette for spying than :)

      Take care,
      Eva xx

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