Davines – Colour enhancing conditioner.

Davines colour enhancing conditoner

You should see my excitement when I found on my mum’s bathroom shelf Davines Colour Enhancing Hair Conditioner. I’ve already used a shampoo and a mask from this brand and loved it. Not a colour enhancing conditioner though. I didn’t know such a thing even exists.

Shampoos and conditioners, which help to maintain coloured hair are quite popular, but this is like a conditioner and toner in one. I had to try it right away.

This is a conditioner designed for coloured or naturally darker hair. Davines offers a variety of this type of conditioners for different hair colours. I was so eager to try it out as I’ve recently changed my hair from light blonde to my naturally dark blonde colour. I still have some parts where my hair is loosing a bit of darkness where the toner is washing off, so such a conditioner was perfect to bring back shine and depth of the colour.

Does it work?


I was actually very chuffed with it. Application as it was as easy as applying a hair mask can be. Much easier to use at home on your own than trying to get a toner on your hair. Just wash your hands immediately or wear gloves. I did it once without any protection on my hands and stained them a little (nothing comparable with using a toner without gloves), but all came off after using a bit of face scrub and soap.

My best results were when I left it on for 15 minutes while sitting in the bath. It’s very gentle so I feel like this product needs to be on your hair for a little while to actually work. I think it’s a genius product. Ideal for you if you’d like to keep your dark hair looking gorgeous in between visiting the hairdresser.

Davines colour conditoner

You can buy it from this site for £17.85. They have a real ly good choice comparing to most salons.


Have you used any of the Davines products before?


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