Do you know what goes on your head?

 What goes on your head - series

After my initial post about shampoos and the scalp irritations they may cause. I decided to dig a bit deeper into the subject of scalp irritants.

You should read it if you ever thought that your shampoo causes your scalp to itch. If you ever wondered how good or bad parabens are. If you never considered what goes into your shampoo. If you think that natural shampoos are generally better! Etc…

I turned to some expert advice on the matter. I needed to speak to someone who knows chemistry and who knows cosmetics and the industry. I had to exclude all the politics to be as objective as possible so Simon was the perfect candidate as he’s worked for years with cosmetic components that are sold to companies which are producing our shampoos, conditioners and all sorts of cosmetics. He doesn’t represent any brand of shampoo or a wash, but the pure science, the ingredient and the understanding of what it is, what it does, and how good or bad it really is.

Simon M

After a few long conversations with Simon and a few exchanged emails, I have a clear idea on wether we should be scared of our shampoo or not.

As it’s quite a monster of a subject I’ve decided to split it to smaller more digestible chunks.  So get ready for a series of “What goes on your head” posts. I promise afterwards you won’t be scared of shampoos and the ingredients.

In the seres of posts I’m going to  ask Simon to look at what I believe gives us irritations.

  • surfactants (on the top of the label)
  • colour
  • perfume
  • preservatives (very bottom of the label)

I’m also going to have a look at shampoos that claim to be natural (eg.97% natural) and how we consumers understand it and what it means. I must admit that this subject was a true eye opener for me!

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