Big Hair by BaByliss – review with video.



This bad boy is like a girls best friend tool. So many people out there are raving about it. The price at £44.99 it’s not cheap but not too pricey either. I had to get my hands on it to really see what it’s like. So thank you Louise for letting me have a play with yours :)

It’s good! It’s bad!

If your anything like me and your hair is smooth and slick you would probably be considering this product to get volume or ‘big hair’ like the name says on it.

If that’s what you’re looking for better stick to the traditional hair dryer and a brush as you won’t get any lift with the BaByliss Big Hair brush. It doesn’t have any grip to the root of your hair so it doesn’t lift it like just a normal round brush would. At first I thought that maybe it’s me but then I asked my hair dresser to use it to blow dry my hair and she couldn’t get a lift from the roots as well.

If you have wavy hair and are looking to smooth and straighten your hair you may actually like it. That’s what this tool is best for.

You have to hold your hair and add some pressure for the brush to smooth it out otherwise it’ll tangle itself in your hair.

You should know that this brush is not going to replace your hair dryer as you should have your hair 80% dry before you start using it.

Here is a short video showing how to use it and what sort of results you will achieve.

Overall it’s a very clever tool but in my opinion not necessary. Possibly more useful for anyone with wavy or curly hair so it can be used to achieve a nice and shinny smooth texture. Maybe it should be called BaBliss Smooth Hair. For anyone with straight hair just like mine, a traditional round brush and hair dryer works quicker and better getting nice lift from the root and creating bouncy hair.

I hope this helps.

Have you got a BaByliss Big Hair? What do you use it for – straightening or lifting your hair from the root? Do you find it useful or is it one of the gadgets that you keep in the bottom of the drawer?

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