New Teint Visionnaire Foundation Duo from Lancôme.

Teint Visionnair by Lancome

After the success of Visionnaire serum, Lancôme is about to launch a new hi-tech makeup duo.

I’ve had a chance to use it for a little while now, and I’m about to report what I think of it and in general what all this fuss about.

Visionnaire skin corrector was launched just over a year ago and won a bathroom shelf place with many women. It’s a fantastic product to treat dark spots, wrinkles and pores. Lancôme is known for its innovative skincare and makeup products so we didn’t have to wait long for this hi-tech makeup duo to appear.

Teint Visionnaire is a combination of a makeup and a skincare product. 

  • Teint Visionnaire is right for you if you’re looking for perfection without masking.
  • Moderate to high coverage.
  • If you want a creamy texture with your corrector and sheer fluid to perfect.
  • You like to exactly match the shade of your corrector and foundation.


What is Teint Visionnare?

It’s a skin-perfecting makeup duo. It has SPF20 and as Lancôme claims its active ingredients will improve appearance of dark spots, pores and wrinkles.

Firstly we have the High Coverage Corrector, which contains vitamin CG to treat dark spots.

Secondly The Sheer Perfecting Foundation which contains the same active ingredient as Visionaire skin corrector, [LR 2412] at 2% concentration. This is half of what’s in the actual serum.

Foundation and Corrector Teint Visionnaire

Lancôme in it’s clinical studies claims that just after 4 weeks, the size of dark spots was corrected by 17%, wrinkles by 10% and size of pores by 8%. After a further 4 weeks the numbers were 22%, 29% and 17%

I’m loving the fact it comes with a matching shade of corrector to the foundation. Teint Visionnaire will be available in 18 shades and all of them will have the exact matching corrector! Wonderful! The corrector is quite thick and creamy and the best way to apply it is to pop a bit on the back of your hand, warm it up and pat on the areas you wish to correct.

The foundation is light and quite creamy but dries out fast and leaves skin looking radiant but not shiny. I like the super natural finish. Hardly noticeable on the skin at all.

It’s lasting power is very good too. I’ve been wearing it every day over the last 2 weeks and on each occasion it still looked flawless by the end of the day. I have normal skin going slightly on the side of combination skin type. I also use my beloved Hyaluroninc Face Glow as a base.

How it improved my skin. I have to be honest, my skin is in a very good condition at the moment as far as dark spots, wrinkles and pores are concerned. I had some expression lines in the past on my forehead, but these are hardly noticeable now since I’ve been using Visionnaire concentrate since it was first introduced. I don’t use it daily anymore but I tend to go back to it when I can see lines on my forehead trying to come out. It’s the same with pores. I had an issue with my pores where at some point my skin went crazy and was so oily I didn’t know what to do. I’ve been using in addition to Visionnaire corrector a fabulous product from Dermalogica called Daily Microfoliat. I have to admit that those two products have really turned my skin around.

I still think Teint Visionnaire will tick a lot of boxes for many women. I feel like there are a lot of us looking for a foundation that erases imperfections and delivers a natural finish with perfect coverage.

It’s supposed to be launched on the 14th February and retail at £36, which considering that it comes with a corrector and it’s also a treatment is a fair price in my opinion.

Teint Visionnaire duo foundation

Visionnaire skin corrector product review here if you missed the link above.

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So… What if your foundation could transform your skin in 4 weeks? Will you give it a go?

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