Longish weekend with my parents.

Swans by the sea side in Gdansk

It was definitely time for me to go over to my mums for a few days of mummies cuddles and chilling out. Have you ever felt like all the world is on top of you and all you want is your mum? I did, recently. When you’re in your thirties and have managed to tire yourself out to the point that all you can say is “I want my mum” you should know then to just pack yourself and go. That’s how I was feeling shortly before Christmas, but still had a thousand excuses and important things to do so I simply felt like I had no time and couldn’t go.  Unfortunately, in my case it was a small, nevertheless important, health issue that made me pack my bag and go for a few days over to my parents.

Me and my mother

I had an amazing four days, and decided I’ll make more effort this year to go and visit my parents more often. It’s only a two hour flight from Luton Airport so I have no excuses.

I don’t see my parents as often as I’d like to. My mother visits myself and my sister a lot that’s why I usually don’t feel like I need to go over. Take holiday to go back home. Silly isn’t it?

I was born in Poland in Gdansk and that’s where my parents live so it’s rather hard to pop down to see them just for a weekend. I tend to take at least 2-3 days off to make it a bit of a longish weekend.

This weekend was really amazing and I was spoiled rotten at any occasion.

It’s been easily six years since the last time I was in Gdansk in the winter. It all looks so different with the snow.

Snow in the forest

We had loads of nice food, walks and treats. You should definitely try a Polish doughnut if you have a chance. It’s great for breakfast, on the go or as a snack.

Paczki - Polish doughnuts




I suppose what I’m trying to say in all this is that it’s important to get a good work/life balance. It can’t be go go go all the time. Sometimes we have to stop and take time to see our family and enjoy the time we have with them, after all, what’s more important- our family or our jobs? Certainly living in London doesn’t always help with the rush rush mentality, but it’s fine if we get a good balance of both.

Here are some pics from this weekend in Gdansk. To give you some taste and for the comparison also a few of the see side taken in may 2012

Eva - Social Beautify winter walk


Social Beautify in the snow


Hybryd gel nails

I had my nails done as well. This is super cool colour changing gel nail polish.

Snow on the trees


Gansk may 2012


See side Poland


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