RapidShield a new Eyelash conditioner.


You’ve probably heard about RapidLash, if not you have some catching up to do. The creators of award-winning RapidLash has introduced new product, RapidShield a daily Eyelash Conditioner.

Since I had such an amazing results with RapidLash of course I was keen to give RapidShield a go.

RapidShield can be used daily to condition your eyelashes. It will improve overall appearance of lashes.You can use it before your mascara to prime your lashes or on top of it to add some shine.

It’s perfect for you if you want to condition your eyelashes no matter if their are long or short. It’ll be perfect for you if you’re using eyelash curlers, as RapidShield contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Panthenol. First one helps to hydrate and the other one to lock moisture. This will improve elasticity of your eyelashes what will prevent your eyelashes from braking and being damage that easily.


After using RapidShield for nearly a month I’ve noticed that my eyelashes are softer and more shiny. It’s a perfect addition to my RapidLash treatment, which I continue using. I got used to having eyelash related compliments daily = Me vain!

If you are looking for a product that will improve eyelash growth than you should choose RapidLash as your results will be faster and better. RapidShield won’t stimulate the growth of new eyelashes but condition the ones that are already growing. It will make them look more define as a result of your eyelashes being shiny and smooth.

Despite it being an eyelash product I’ve been using it also on my eyebrows. It worked fine for my eyebrows too. That’s where I can see the biggest result. I believe that conditioning my eyebrows and keeping them hydrated added a bit of shine and that’s what I can see the most. Or maybe it’s the Apple Fruit Cell Extract that helps to rejuvenate the youthful appearance of lashes took some years of my eyebrows? Remember that full and thick eyebrows will add deffiniton to your face and frame your eyes giving you youthful appearance. If you need some eyebrows tips have a look here.

RapidShield brush

RapidShield claims:

89% of women reported Immediate improvement in appearance of lashes definition, shine and sheen.

96% of women reported Improvement in condition and overall appearance of lashes in just 2 weeks. ( Consumer study of 52 subject over 2 weeks).

Have you tried RapidLash or RapidBrow? What where your results like? Maybe you’ve tried some other eyelash conditioner or growth enhancing serum? What was it like?


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