Worst Beauty buys of 2012

Worst products of 2012

Worst Beauty buys of 2012


On special request here is the post about my worst beauty buys of 2012.

These are the products I’ve bought and felt totally disappointed with, these are my worst beauty buys of 2012. Products that I certainly won’t repurchase. I took into consideration all beauty and makeup products I’ve bought in last year both premium and drugstore:

  • First place has to go to Volume Million Lashes Excess mascara – I really like L’Oreal mascaras they’re usually very good but this one is just a mistake. I used to use the original Million Lashes and I quite liked it, so imagine my surprise when this one just did nothing to my eyelashes but stuck them together making them look like anything but a million!

  • Toni&Guy sea salt spray! – I’m glad I only bought a travel version of it. More like a liquid gel I’d say. It was not delivering texture to the hair that you’d expect from this type of product.

  • NIP+FAB CELLULITE FIX- This one is a funny one you see. I was using it for a short period of time and I thought it did work quite well but I just totally was put off by the texture and not too impressed with the scent. Now texture is what failed it for me. It simply stays sticky for ages. I’ve tried it a few times. I had to fight to put my trousers on, when I eventually got them on they didn’t even move on my skin while walking. It takes ages to dry. Thinking of it now, I’m totally disappointed as I’d expected a much better product from NIP+FAB.

  • My latest one is a hair conditioner from Organix (Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil). This brand was recommended to me recently and only when looking for it, I realised that I had wanted to try this brands products for while. I decided to give it a go. It had some good reviews. I tried it a couple of times and just couldn’t get on with it. It was just leaving my hair super stiff and hard. I was just couldn’t comb my hair at all. I had to wash my hair again and apply a different conditioner each time I used it.

There aren’t that many products on this list, mainly because I tend to know what I shop for when it comes to beauty products, usually sticking with brands I trust.

What was your best beauty buy of the 2012? Comment below and let me know what you were most disappointed with last year…

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