The Essential Make-up brush Kit.

Face powder brush


Have you ever wondered why despite having great products you can't recreate the looks from magazines. Why your make up never looks as great or lasts as long as it does when applied on a counter?

The aim of this post is to show you all the brushes you need to get the maximum results whilst being able to create more complex makeup but still keep it simple with the essential makeup brush kit.

A lot of the time the reason is not down to your skills but in the tools you are using. Don't worry, you don't need to spend loads of dosh to get the tool you need. However, I'd like to point out that some of my brushes are about 10 years old, so they are worth the money you pay for them. So here is what (in my opinion) you need to have to create pretty much any make up look:


Medium size softish brush – You'll use it to apply your base colour. If it's not too big and nicely shaped you can use it for any other colours on your eye lids. If you find applying other colours difficult with that brush, you can always buy a fluffy angled brush to apply the colours on the outer side of the eye. The shape of the brush will make the application easier as the shape will help it sit within the socket line. Here are some examples starting with the most versatile.

Eyeshadow brush


Liner brush. Really any small thin eyeliner brush will be good. Personally I think a hard angle brush will be the best as it's perfectly slim and shaped to allow easy and precise application.

hard angle brush - liner


Blending brush. Mine is from INGLOT. I picked it up in their store in Westfield's and it's fantastic. A perfect size and softness.

Inglot - blending brush

Face: Face powder brush. Big and fluffy for powders or bronzers

Face powder brush


Blusher brush is slightly smaller and makes application of your blusher easier you can also use it for conturing with your bronzing powder or to apply a highlighter.

blusher brush


Foundation brush if you're using liquid foundation. It's ok to use your fingers but a brush will give you a more even, better blended finish. You'll probably notice that your foundation will last longer because it's more evenly spread. You'll use less product saving you money.

Foundation brush


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