City chic: winter weekend knitwear.

Winter knitwear hat

If you’re anything like me and you just don’t cope with cold weather well, this post is for you.

Just an idea on how to stay cozy, comfy and stylish in your knitwear.

Knitwear- Forever21


Knitwear and gilet.

A hat is the first accessory on my weather survival list.

Then a jumper thick enough to be warm but not too bulky so I can wear it underneath my fitted coat is another must have item.

Scarf is the next thing. I would not be able so survive without one. I love silk scarves as they are soft and keep you neck totally warm without being big or itchy.  When it gets to hot to wear your scarf you can pop it into your handbag and it’ll hardly take any space.

But this season I picked this super soft cotton scarf from ZARA. I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since.


River Island Knit hat

This weekend was quite mild so I ditched my winter coat and wore my winter gilet.


My new Michael Kors tote is a gift from Mr.D. You’re probably familiar with this popular design. If you’re like me relying on your technology, this particular one is designed with a padded compartment for your macbook and iPad. You can buy them from the Apple store.

Forever21 knit top


Cutey shamballa bracelet


Michael Kors


River Island pom pom hat


cosy knitwear


Michael Kors travel tote


Michael Kors red tote



I hope you like this weekend winter knit look.

Jumper – Forever21

Gilet – next

Jeans – lee

Boots – Gabor

Hat – River Island

Tote – Michal Kors


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