Easy makeup tutorial for an elegant and glamorous look.

You’ll be able to achieve in less then 15 minutes this beautiful, elegant makeup look. Read and watch this easy makeup tutorial. You’ll use products you’re already using, so you don’t have to worry about the application skills or the products.

Ready to start? Good! You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it’ll be.

Things you need to create your easy makeup look:

A base: bb cream, compact powder or a foundation.

An eye shadow: one eye shadow that you can use all over the eyelid

An eye liner: best – black khol pencil

A mascara: volume mascara will be the best but really any will do.

A lipstick: bold bright colour lipstick is crucial for this look. You can choose a colour you like from red, pink to purple. Choose what suits your coloring and what you’ll feel comfortable wearing. However do make sure you’re using quite a bold colour. If you haven’t got one, go and get it, you’ll feel very sexy and thank me for this later. :)

-A blusher or a bronzing powder.

  1.  Start with applying your base. Decide on what you wan’t to use as a base. BB cream or tinted moisturiser makes application quick and easy, but compact powders can be equally handy. If you use foundation on a daily basis just stick to what you know. Start with applying your base all over the face to create a perfect canvas for your easy makeup look.
  2.  Keep your eyes simple! Pick one eyeshadow that you can apply all over your eyelid. Preferably a light colour to keep your eye looking bright and fresh. You don’t need to be so perfect when applying light shades so it’ll also speed-up the process and make it easier as applying and mixing different colours of eyeshadows can be more tricky, and time consuming.
  3.  Frame your eye with an Eyeliner. Now add a bit of drama and simply frame your eyes. Use it in the water line for speed and a good result, however if you feel more comfortable doing it on the upper lid stick to what you know. Remember you are trying to be quick. If you’ve never applied eyeliner, give it a go, once you’ve done it a few times it’s going to be very easy.
  4.  Use mascara to enhance your eyes. Now apply a mascara to your eyelashes. I would recommend volume to really show off your lashes but if you don’t feel confident with big bold lashes just use the mascara you like the most. Your makeup should empower you rather than make you feel conscious about wearing it.
  5.  Make a point with a lipstick. This is the focus point. You’ve kept your makeup quite plain until this point so it’s time to use a bold colour lipstick. That’s a very easy trick to get a glamorous makeup look.
  6.  Contour your cheeks with a blusher. Add a bit of blusher or bronzer just to contour the cheek bones. I’d recommend going for a natural shade as you want to keep attention on the lips.

That’s all, job done! This should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to do. Have a look at the easy makeup tutorial I’ve put together for you and then try it out.

You already know how to do it. The trick is to keep it simple. You can experiment with something new from time to time, but once you create your bespoke easy makeup look, remember it and use it any time you need to run out of the door in no time at all looking glamorous.

I hope you will like my take on an easy make up look. Tutorial video below.

If you liked the video and my makeup here’s the link to a style post where you can see what I wore and how this created a complete look.

Go on try this out on yourself. If you’ve never worn a bright lipstick don’t be scared just try it! It’ll grow on you! I’d like you to time yourself doing this makeup and let me know the result?

Please share a pic of you and your look on my Facebook page,  and if your shy send it to socialbeautify@gmail.com  I’d love to see it.


Eva x

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  • Reply August 8, 2013


    Hello! I’m loving your makeup videos. One reason is that I also do not like to wear liquid foundation and go to powder for the finished look. I have been very tempted by several Clarins products lately and may give in soon to a Blush Prodige.

    I hope you’re enjoying London in the summer. :) I studied there for three months in the fall when I was in college, and I think there were three sunny days. But rain is good for fall makeup and clothes, which IMO are more fun than summer clothes/makeup.



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