I bet you don’t know what your bra size is?

Do you know that most of us wear the wrong size bra! Seriously! Most woman wear them too big. If your bra is too big it won’t be of any use. It won’t be flattering for the figure, whereas a well fitted bra can seriously make wonders! Read on for 3 simple rules to well fitted bra!

You may remember my post about personal shoppers at Debhenams. I had a chance to talk at the same time to one of their lingerie specialists. You can use their expertise if you need to find a well fitted bra. I do find though that most premium lingerie brands will offer this service nowadays too.

Since it’s only 26 days until Christmas and it seems to me that Santa likes buying lingerie, I think knowing your size might help to find what you want under the christmas tree.

So here are three simple rules to make sure you get something you can wear!

Support comes from the back! 

When you wear a well fitted bra you should feel firm at the back. Most of the support should come from the back, about 90%, not the shoulder straps. You should always measure it and wear it on the loosest hook when it’s new, as your bra will stretch as you wash and wear it. You should also be able to slide one finger under the back strap when it’s done up. If you find all your bras are quite loose you may need to go size smaller on the back and go a size up in the cup.

Bigger cup!

The wire of the cup should sit nicely around the soft tissue of your breast. Basically your boobies should sit inside the cup. Eg. if you were 34B you now probably will be 32C. If you reduce size on your back to make sure it sits firmly you will most probably need to go a size up in your cup size to what you used to! That’s not bad is it?

It’s not about the shoulder straps!

Straps on the shoulders shouldn’t be to tight, it’s ok if they feel firm, but not tight as it’s only about 10% of support that you should be getting from the straps. The most common mistake is to wear them very tight, that’s often due to a lack of the support coming from the back. If you feel pressure on the shoulders then they are too tight. Back of your bra shouldn’t be rising up either.

Do you know what’s your bra size? All very simple! What are you waiting for? Make sure you have the right size! It will make you and anything you wear look amazing.

Happy shopping and wish list making!

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