Sequin skirt for every day.


Who said that sparkles and sequins are only good for a night out? All sparkly adornments have their come back.

In this post I’d like to show you how a piece of clothing that at the first sight can seem to be a very dressy party item can be dressed down to wear around town.

I bought this skirt nearly a year ago and wore it mainly for nights out with a pair of stilettos and a chiffon top. I like it a lot though and wanted to be able to dress it down. It’s actually very handy for autumn and winter as the sequins makes it totally wind proof. I don’t really cope well with cold so any item that has any sort of near life saving features becomes very popular with me.


I achieved this by mixing textures. This is why I decided to wear the grey knitted top. I thought the mixture of wool and soft fabric will go well with the slick and smooth texture of the skirt. The studs on the top give it slight rocky chick style, so the skirt itself wont look to dressy. Also by using flat boots I made the whole look less formal. To keep with the day look I also picked my Michael Kors handbag rather than a small clutch.





It took me a long time to find a nice top to go with this dress. I picked up mine in ZARA, I’m not sure if they are still in stock, but here are some other ones that quite frankly I would like to see in my wardrobe.

Top, skirt, scarf, coat / Zara

tights/ Calzedonia

Boots/ Gabor

Handbag/ Michael Kors

Sunglasses/ Ray Ban

This top is By Cheep Monday available from ASOS  for £40 and it looks super soft


Now this one is super cute and at the moment only for £20 available here


And this one is now also on offer for £22

I hope you will find this post useful. Let me know if I inspired you to create some new outfits.



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