Four Seasons Dublin and a SPA weekend.


Just a quick idea of a lovely spot for a SPA weekend. Four Seasons Dublin.


When it gets wet and dark in the autumn I’m starting to long for a weekend away with my best friend especially if some SPA action is also included.


How about Four Seasons in Dublin for a girls weekend away?


You will not only be walking distance away from the city centre full of pubs and nice warm food but you will stay in a lovely hotel with a nice cozy SPA.


You can always rely on the beautiful surroundings when you are staying in a Four Seasons hotel. Cozy duvets and the most comfortable hotel beds. I would even say more comfortable that my home bed. Who knows maybe one day I’ll get myself a Four Seasons mattress . You can buy them you know!



The SPA isn’t maybe the biggest or the most fancy of all (Gorgeous pool at four season Hampshire) but it has the most cozy, snugly relaxation room. I love it there! After the swim you could just wrap up in a fluffy blanket and chill with a cup of hot tea and a book for an hour- literally. I suppose this is why I feel Four Seasons Dublin is such a good autumn destination. And I really like home interior look of the relaxation room much more than  the slick, clean and bright modern designs that we often now see. In the colder months or just cold destinations in general, I prefer those cozy home like decors to make me feel relaxed and comfortable.



And if you want some entertainment but after a relaxing afternoon you feel too lazy to go down and have a stroll through the Temple Bar area full of bars, pubs and galleries you can always try the bar situated in the hotel. It gets very busy and lively in the evening, at least it did during my stay.




What’s your favourite SPA hotel destination for autumn?

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