Murad – More than just a skincare brand.

My true adventure with Murad started when I read Dr.Murad's book.A few months down the line I got to try some of Murad skincare range and …


I should probably start with explaining that Dr. Murad doesn't just seal his skincare products promising remarkable results, like many other brands do. What he is selling is lifestyle tips and a whole package of looking good and feeling great.

Dr. Murad is stressing that our food has got tremendous impact on how we look and feel. (it affects the way our skin looks about 80% so he thinks – and I totally agree- we should eat healthy 80% of the time, and leave ourselves a little bit of freedom to be naughty from time to time and dig into a bowl of ice cream or a bar of chocolate.

Then we should care for our skin with the right and effective skincare products.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a lovely mini facial from Murad to then continue with its Active Radiance range of skincare. I liked the look of my skin so much I went down to the counter to pick up some more products. After using them for nearly a month I now have even more products from Murad's range on my wish list.

Within the Murad range you will find some true star products designed to deal with all sorts of skin concerns. You can also mix them up to tackle more than one skin concern at a time.

I can't wait to get my hands on the anti-ageing moisturiser designed to deal with breakouts at the same time. Genius! I know plenty of people who would like some of that.

These products are not the cheapest and if you haven't spent much on your moisturisers in the past or if you simply want to try something before you commit to it completely, look out for Murad’s Christmas Sets. They are great value for money and there are a few different ones available so you can choose exactly what you need. This way you will be able to try some other products as well and get more of an idea what they are about.

I’ve tried Active Radiance Serum that came in my Radiance Rescue set along with some other products, and really, really loved it. I could definitely tell that my skin was brighter and looking fresher in the morning. A couple of days later I decided to get the blemish spot treatment too. If you've got dry skin you will probably like Hydro- Dynamic range. There is also Complete Reform treatment in this set. It’s a glycol firming complex to firm, renew skin and smooth lines. I’m not sure how firming it is as my skin is still firm so I haven’t noticed andy difference there but I have noticed that it looked very smooth, my expression lines on my forehead appeared much smoother. I have only used a small sample size so if you have a chance to try a full size of this product do let me know what you think please. There is also a small sample of an eye cream in “A Radiance Rescue” set. Essential-C Eye Cream with SPF 15. I liked it and I think I may even buy it when I need a new eye cream. I like the fact it is has SPF protection and it’s quite creamy and rich but blends in easily.

Here are all the sets available:

Complete Renewal £52.00

Hydration Sensation £73.50

Radiance Rescue £58.50

Perfect Balance £42.50

Hybrids £36.00


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