Social Beautify at the Young Designer Awards 2012.


The Young Designer Awards Ceremony may still be fair bit away from London Fashion Weeks glamorous surroundings, VIP’s in the front row and collections on show, however the young talent is absolutely incredible and their passion for fashion is quite infectious!

These kids, yes really kids rather than young people, considering that the winners were aged 15 and 13, showed the other day some true talent. It’s quite incredible to see them being so passionate and devoted to what they do at such a young age. I didn’t know what I wanted to do at that age! I was happy having my ballet lessons rather then thinking of my career goals.

I only hope they will get the right support and carry on doing what they love and don’t get discouraged by us, grown ups who are so fed up with failure that we don’t even see when we stopped believing that our dreams can come true and radiate that attitude to young people who are still chasing their dreams.

I am genuinely looking forward to seeing what Henry Wilkinson who won 1st prize in Celebration of Young Designer Awards category will show us in 5 years time. Looking at the dress that got him the prize I would see him perhaps as the next Valentino :)


Oh and the little Abbie Smith, she’s just 13. Little miss mini McQueen! She won first prize in Young Designer Awards category(I found those 2 categories very confusing) I think she is definitely the one to watch! Just look at the dress she presented for the competition.




And the Recognition award went to Shimo Zhou and I have to say I liked this dress too, so considering the very short time she had to prepare for the competition she did a great job and she deserved the award.


As well as all the outfits presented by all these young trend setters, I hung my eyes on the corset Kerrie Newton, who was presenting the event was wearing. I used to have a lovely corset in the past and I kind a miss having one. I managed to find out from Kerrie after the event Lyndsey Clarke makes them to order for all sort of occasions so who knows, I may even go down to Lyndsey Clarke Boutique at some point and have one made for me. Corsets are fab but they do need to fit well to enhance the silhouette.


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