Melissa shoe pop up store.

Covent Garden certainly is becoming a very trendy part of London. From the day the Apple opened one of their stores there, many other prestigious brands appeared in the area.

It seams to be a hot spot for pop up shops too. We had TOMS in the spring and later Chanel opened their pop up beauty boutique right in the middle of the Covent Garden Square.

Now there is Melissa shoes pop up store on King Street. This is just on the right hand side as you enter the Market.


What are Melissa shoes? They are super trendy gel shoes. When I bought my first pair I thought it was just overpriced piece of plastic, as I’m a leather shoe girl. However I do love my Melissa shoes now. I quite frankly would love to buy another pair, although they are not the cheapest. If you can buy them in Brazil where they come from it would probably be half the price.

With any shoes it’s important to get the size right. If you considering getting a pair of Melissa’s you should go for a size bigger than usual.

I like the look of most flat pumps there. There is a sale on now too.Melissa collaborates with many designers. The most known collaboration is with Vivienne Westwood, but there is always something new that pops up.

If you decide to pop into the Melissa’s pop up shop have a look at the artwork on the wall. It was done by the artist Julie Verhoeven, who is famous for her fashion illustrations.

Which is your favourite pair?

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