Beauty bloggers top splurge items.

Now we are talking. I can’t help it but most of my skincare and make up products are mostly luxurious brands. I wish there were more affordable quality product on the market though. My philosophy though is to have one good item instead of many half as good items. As I don’t need different colours of glittery liner every day, I’d much rather pay a higher price for one and have a good quality item. It’s important to know what you expect from the product as shopping for the right one is going to be much easier. Don’t be shy and try them out if possible to see how it feels.

Here is the list of top items that are worth spending money on as far as beauty bloggers are concerned.

  • Foundation: YSL, Bare Minerals, Lancôme


  • Eyelash treatment- RapidLash – eyelash serum promoting growth and condition of lashes.


  • Moisturisers – all depends from the skin type but it seams like natural brands are being loved at the moment. – best brands are: Origins ,Elemis, ReVive, Ren


  • Body- NYR body elixir and Kiehl’s Creme de Corps


  • Lipstick- Rouge coco, YSL, Este Lauder,


  • Skin renewal- AlphaH – liquid gold


  • Mask- Omorovicza Deep cleansing mask


  • Eye shadows- Illamasqua


I’ve used Lancôme, Chanel, by Terry, Clarence and really liked them all. At the moment my liquid foundations are from Lancôme, I use those for special occasions. I love my sheer expert. Recently I’ve tried Clarins Skin Illusion Mineral Powder Foundation– this is fantastic if your skin is combination or oily and you are looking for something that looks natural whilst being super easy to apply.

Eye last treatment: 

RapidLash is simply amazing. After trying it out I can’t live without it.  Here is a full review done after using it for 6 weeks, now my eye lashes are even fuller. Love it!


I would love to try ReVive. Are these products really worth the price or are they simply overpriced? Have any of you tried it? I use my Lancôme serums and essential oils along with Origins night cream and Kiehl’s day and I’m very happy at the moment. I should tell you more about my Origins night cream as it’s very good, and I will definitely repurchase it again.


Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is my most favourite at the moment and I would love to know if you know of a cheaper product as good as this. I love it’s light texture, it’s a dream to apply but at the same time it’s very nourishing. It’s scent free so it’s fab even for sensitive skin. Not to mention that it won’t clash with your fragrance. If you know of anything as good for as equally good a price, please let me know.


Personally I think is all about finding the right shade and texture. I came across a couple of brands that dry my lips but then there are others that are fantastic. Lipstick is a lipstick so you can get some lovely products cheaper from mass market brands. Yes the packaging might not be as pretty and shinny but the product itself would be still decent. I do think that every woman should treat herself to a nice lipstick that comes in luxurious packaging from time to time. Estee Lauder does make lovely textures but so does Lancôme and Guarlain in my opinion.

Skin renewal:

Alpha-H is supposed to be very good, I have to admit I was thinking myself of trying it out however ultimately I decided to try Kiehl’s overnight biological peel instead (Haven’t made my mind yet what I make of it, but I shall let you know when I do). Alpha-H Liquid Gold is supposed to be very good for oily skin in particular. It’s based on glycolid acid so if you have dry or very sensitive skin it might be a bit to much. Have you used it? Tell me what was your experience as I still feel like giving it a go at some point.

One product I swear by though, any ideas what that is? Microfoliant from Dermalogica. This seems to work wonders not only for me but for many people I have spoke to about this gentle powder to cream exfoliator.

Deep cleansing mask:

My treasure! Omorovicza deep cleansing mask…oh yes… here I’m getting all excited about it. It’s marvellous I genuinely recommend it! But there are others who also make very good masks like Origins out of trouble for much a better price? Next time I’m going to give Nuxe clay mask a go. Have you tried it at all? What was it like?

Eye shadows:

So some beauty bloggers were really raving how good Illamasqua eye shadows are… but, the colours are very bright and sparkly, not really good for working an office look, however, the texture is very soft and fabulous to blend with a rich pigment. From the perspective of someone who has worked with luxurious products for the last 10 years though, I have to say that there are hundreds of extremely good quality eye shadows out there. Benefit powder single eye shadows have got a lovely soft texture but quite limited colour range, however these are very good for a natural look. INGLOT – I have picked some from their shop in Westfield’s Shepherds Bush and I think they are fab, you can get lost in the variety of colours and textures on offer though. There is also MAC, Lancôme, Clarins with new mineral formulas and the good old Chanel.

I expect from my powder eye shadow a soft texture which is going to be easy to apply, but also an intense pigment, to avoid layering it and most of the shadow landing on my cheek rather than the eyelid. I also use eye shadow primer absolutely every single time I wear any eyeshadow. My most favourite is Stay don’t Stray by Benefit.

What is your trick to keep your make up on? Do you know of any good eye shadows that I should try?


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  • Reply October 8, 2012

    Grace (allthatslap)

    I see what you mean about spending more on one good item than having lots of “okay” items but I think lipstick and mascara are two things you really don’t need to spend a lot on – and in fact the majority of drug store makeup is really good if you look around and buy selectively. I would much rather have 6 eye liners from Milani and NYX than having one boring one from Estee Lauder for the same amount of money, and in fact sometimes drugstore makeup *out performs* high end makeup, in my opinion. Foundation is something however that I think is always best high end.
    Re skincare I do think you get what you pay for and its better to stick with high end, but on the whole I think dont knock it until you try it! I guess we are all different!

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