Top budget beauty products selected by beauty bloggers.

It’s now nearly a month since the #BloggersLive event.

This was a very interesting night bringing Bloggers together to discuss our most loved splurge items and our best budget buys.

This is what we thought.


  1. Gel eye liner – Primark circa £1
  2. Mascara – Maybelline (great lash mascara) or Max Factor. (2000 Callories)
  3. Conceal- ELF studio concealer pencil and brush.
  4. Eye shadows-Make up academy, and elf eye palettes, Bourjouis
  5. BB cream – GARNIER
  6. Nail polish- no17, Aldi, Make Up Academy, Elegant Touch nail wraps,
  7. Body butter – NIP and FAB
  8. Body & face oil – Bio Oil

I have only used a few of these so I don’t really know how good they all are. Mr.D always complains that I have high standards, therefore, I’m not sure if I personally would like them all.

Gel Liner: I have only tried Maybelline gel liner and I thought it was good, but I’m not the biggest expert when it comes to gel liners. I do like though the fact it comes already with a eyeliner brush.


Max Factor 2000 Calorie was my first mascara ever. This has been recently repackaged to celebrate its 20th birthday. I think it’s good for volume whilst still having natural looking lashes. Maybelline is a yes for me as well. Personally I also like L’Oreal.

BB Cream:

I have combination to oily skin, that’s why I’ve only tried the new Garnier BB cream. I think it’s very, very good. I will still say that No7 is also making a very good BB cream and you can pick it up for a very reasonable price with one of the £5 vouchers. These are given out ever so often at Boots when you spent £5 or more in a single transaction.

Nail polish:

I have tried No17 and have to say it was very, very good considering the price and lasted well. I’m very particular when it comes to grooming, everything has to be immaculate.

Body butter:

I haven’t tried that many body butters as I see them as some kind of a mess which is difficult to rub into my body. When I finally succeed, I then have to wait forever to dress. I also have an impression that most body butters are just a lot of some kind of a filler not an active ingredient as I can’t see the results being any better than the average body lotion. But other bloggers were saying that Nip&Fab body butter is much better so I bravely gave it a go. The Nip & Fab body butter I have tried was the pistachio fragranced. I’m pleased to say that yes, you can actually rub it into your skin without problems. I smelled like a cookie and was in danger of being eaten alive by Mr.D but I actually liked the product itself.

Body&Face oil:

Yes I have tried Bio-oil and I thought it was ok. I would use it on my body or in the bath, however, I will stick to my pure essential oils when it comes to my face.

What are your favourite products from budget brands? I would also love to know what are your biggest disappointments?


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