Can you achieve the perfect complexion with a facial oil?

No 3 Berry Face Oil is a facial oil designed for daily use.

I was using it for over a month so I believe I can give you an honest opinion on its performance. Despite not being too convinced at the start, it turned out being one of the nicest oil treatments I’ve used. I was presently surprised with its outstanding results.

I already have used oil treatments before like Clarins Lotus oil design for oily skin to balanced oil production. Clarins oil sorted out my skin completely within couple of months, so I have a lot of faith in oils.

This however felt very different on my skin in comparison to other oil treatments I have used in the past such as my Clarins oil or Kiehl’s elixir. No 3 Facial Berry Oil didn’t feel as dry as the treatments I’ve used in the past therefore I was a bit worried it may not suit my skin. I break out very easily.

I gave it a proper go though, all in a name of science! No… Just joking. This product was developed by Lea a woman, who lives between LA in the USA and Helsinki In Finland. She couldn’t find the right product that would care for her skin in dry and hot weather equally as well as in cold and windy, so she decided to put a few oils together. This is the final mixture she made and used on herself and found it really was working well for her. After some time, friends and family started noticing how radiant and glowing her skin was so they queued up for some samples. They loved it too. This story comforted me, plus I’m not a chicken so I gave it a go and used it the night it arrived.

I was surprised that despite the initial richer feel on the skin, it sank into my skin within a minute. My face didn’t feel greasy at all. It wasn’t shiny or oily. To make sure I can give it a good review I have stopped using my radiance boosting serum Gènifique, so all the results on my skin will come from the No 3 Berry Face Oil itself.

I woke up with plumped skin that felt well hydrated looked fresh and radiant. No blemishes popping out. After a few days my skin was actually getting smoother. I swear I thought my pores around the T- zone appeared minimised and you know that baby glow of the skin, that’s how my skin started looking after about two weeks of using No3 Berry Oil. I felt like my skin became more clear and radiant in a healthy natural way.

My work colleagues started noticing the difference too, and the day I decided to go to work with no make up on I got loads of complements. Shame that I decided to try a new exfoliating treatment that night and the next day woke up with skin allergy. My skin felt sore and extremely dry, so I used my oil and actually loved it, it worked well on my irritated skin too.

First month I used it day and night, now I use it as a night treatment.

Make up application is completely possible and easy as this oil sinks into the skin and feels dry within a minute. It’s hardly scented, it’s more like a natural scent of the ingredients itself.

I am actually quite surprised how radiant my skin was although I know that’s due to 3 different types of berries.

Here are some main Ingredients: sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, acai fruit extract, lingonberry fruit extract,  rasperberry extract.

LA Christine California is an American brand but now it’s available on Amazon. You have to remember you will only use about 3-4 drops per application.

It would be great to hear from you if you used this treatment and what results have you achieved?

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