4 things you need to have to deal with your skin allergy.

I never was really prone to any allergies but this year for some reason I keep getting a skin allergy. I’ve had it a few times now. I’ve been told it’s probably pollen, however I am not totally convinced. I’ve tried different products to sooth and heal my skin and here is what I found works best. I hope this will help if you happen to have a skin allergy from time to time as well.

What to do when suddenly your skin gets sensitive, red, inflamed and then goes dry and flaky?

In my opinion ‘simplicity’ is the best answer.

These are the products I’ve used and found worked wonders for my skin.

1. Dermalgica Super Cleansing gel- You still need something to wash your face. This product is fragrance free. I wrote about it here.

2. Antihistamine cream. If you use it on your face Antihistan cream is very good. (some antihistamine creams can cause pigmentation (make sure when you buy it that it’s safe to use on your face).

3. Antihistamine tablets (Piriton) is brilliant for any skin allergies but makes you drowsy. I take if before bed as I can’t stay awake otherwise. I have to admit though it works brilliantly.

4. Moisturiser– I tend to use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Don’t get me wrong, I use it at other times too not only when I have an allergic reaction. It’s just a very good moisturiser that does the job without being heavy or greasy. It doesn’t have SPF so there’s not additional factors that could irritate my skin. It is also fragrance free. I have also used No3 Berry Oil from LA Christine last time I came out with an allergic reaction and I must say I liked it too.

See what works for you best and stick only to one type of moisturiser or facial oil treatment.

Less is more when your skin is grumpy.

Each time I came out with an allergic reaction I was subconsciously looking for the basic products but it was important for me to get the texture right. I couldn’t bare anything to thick as it seems to sit on top of my dry and inflamed skin and light gel textures simply won’t work. I realised that I preferred products that were fragrance free over the scented ones.

Ultra Facial Cream from Kiehl’s is a fantastic basic moisturiser that is fragrance free. Really hydrating without heavy texture. Works fabulous in all climates and this is why I tend to take it with me when traveling. It’s easily absorbed you can put your make-up on immediately after applying the cream. I tend to use it as my rescue cream when my skin seems to be upset with anything else as well.

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