Hypnose Star Mascara Review – Can you really get show stopping lashes?

I promised this post quite a while ago. I was lucky to start using Hypnose Star mascara about a week before it hit the shelves so by now I have a really good idea what this mascara is like and who it’s best for. In this post you will find all about Hypnose Stare from look through the application to it’s lasting power.

Do I like it? I love it!
Those who read Social Beautify know that I am a big fan of the original Hypnose, which allows you to build up volume to the result you are happy with while still keeping your eyelashes separated.

Hypnose Star is a new addition to Lancôme’s Hypnose family, with it’s unique brush it gives volume, length, amazing separation and with the correct application it will also help to curl your lashes a tiny little bit.

My eyelashes are long and quite full so this mascara looks absolutely amazing. I tried it on a few of my guinea pigs and in my opinion it looks best on those with medium to really long and full eyelashes. With Hypnose Stars brush, you can really show off your lashes by adding volume to them one by one, rather then achieving a volumed look by stacking some lashes together.
In my opinion you can also see it’s lengthening as well as volumising although the volume isn’t heavy and thick. In a way I feel like the volume is achieved by having each lash coated separately and by creating a volume of lashes rather than coating them with thick layer of mascara.

With Hypnose Star it is important you make proper use of it’s dual sided brush to achieve maximum results. Start with the flat side of the brush and push it into the root of your eyelashes just to load the mascara on them. Next, twist your brush a little to the long side brussels, wiggling a little at the root of your eyelashes to push them into the brush and then just move straight to the tips of your eyelashes pushing gently up for that extra curl. Repeat only with the long side brussels if necessary.

I have made a video about some of the new upcoming products, which also includes the application technique of Hypnose Star, have a look here for an easy and quick way to get show stopping lashes.

How does it last! 
It’s not only about how the mascara looks but also how it will last. Everyone likes their eyelashes to look different but you have to agree that everyone would like their mascara to last and stay put all day, without breaking off causing tiny little black dry bits under your eyes.
On this note, Hypnose Star is nearly perfect. My eyelashes are seriously long now after I’ve been using RapidLash and I have noticed that when I wear sunglasses my eyelashes touch the glass. As a result, the mascara was coming off from the tip of the eyelashes. When I was’t wearing sunglasses Hyponse Star has rubbed off from tips of my eyelashes too but only a very tiny little bit. That was only very minor but I have noticed it.
I still think it gives truly beautiful eyelashes and it’s absolutely the best mascara I’ve tried that promises both volume and separation. So just a tiny little minus when it comes to it’s lasting power. Original Hypnose is going to stay my no1 but I will be using Hypnose Star now as well.
You can get you Hypnose Star from this site.
Here is the link to the original Hypnose if you prefer it.

Have you tried Hypnose Star? How does it work for you?
What is your best mascara?

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