Summer Glow Bronzing Powders by Burberry and Givenchy.

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder

Hi everyone! If you are in London, you are probably so excited that it’s finally sunny and hot that you are most certainly out enjoying the sun.  I decided to ditch all the projects for today and get out of the house too.

I still really wanted to share a couple of great products I bought recently with you though, so I used the beautiful weather to write this outside. These are two bronzing powders. Each of them beautiful but very different. For those of you who are new to Social Beautify I’d like to clarify that I’m not mad about bronzers but I’m slowly getting into them, as there is more variety out there now and if you look well you can find gems that will look super natural on your skin. Being pale means I have to be careful with bronzers so I don’t end up looking messy or like I had a fight with mud and lost! I bet you know the look I have in mind.

The first one is Burberry Sheer Summer Glow powder. It’s made up of four colours that you can mix together or use separately if you wish. This powder smells beautiful, just like all Burberry make up products. It has very distinctive soft powdery smell. In my opinion it’s perfect for contouring and highlighting. This product will work well on both pale and olive skin tones due to the 4 tones used in it.

Burberry Summer Glow

The second bronzer is more of an all over product that is simply amazing (I can’t believe I’m saying this about a bronzing product!). I read about it a good 3-4 months ago and was looking forward to checking it out. To be honest I wasn’t planning on buying it after I got my Burberry bronze powder but it was so good I  just couldn’t resist!  Oh yes its Givenchy Healthy Glow powder. This is the first powder that is talc free too. This totally weightless formula was achieved by creating a gel that is later cooked. It comes in a compact, just like all other powder bronzers but when applied on the skin you simply can’t see that it’s there, it just creates a very real looking tan. Brilliant, I really like that. I have the lightest shade #02. If you are fair to medium skin tone #02 will be absolutely enough as you can build it up a bit.

I like both of them very much. If you are looking to get a bronzer I recommend going to a counter and trying them on, just so you can make sure this is the look you like.

 Right, I’m off to get some sun before work. Happy summer everyone!

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  • Reply October 7, 2012

    Samantha Lee

    Hi! Which would you recommend for dry skin, and relatively fair complexion? Which is your fav?

    • Reply October 7, 2012


      Hi Samantha,

      For dry skin possibly Givenchy as it’s talc free, that means there is no powdery look to it at all. It won’t show that much on dry areas. However it all depends if you are looking to use it for more of an allover glow or just to contour. When I want to achieve more of a summer glow or add colour to my face I would reach for Givenchy for contouring I prefer Burberry. I’m quite faire so I don’t need much of it.
      Make sure you have good moisturiser and exfoliate to reduce dry skin patches as most make up will stick to dry skin making it visible (liquid foundations for example can really show dry areas).
      Let me know please which one you decide to get.
      Eva x

      • Reply October 7, 2012

        Samantha Lee

        Hi Eva,

        Thanks for the reply.
        I will most probably get the Givenchy, you termed it ‘cooked gel’, which is so unusual, I can’t fathom how it could be, am really looking foward to swatch it. :) And yes, I’m loving the summer all over glow look + add a bit of healthiness to the face too.

        Thanks for the tip on dry skin. It’s such a bother when those fine lines appear after liquid foundation, and I get the, ‘Oh you’re wearing a lot of makeup today…’ Sigh… Undereye areas are especially horrible looking with them fine lines.

        Just another question though, between the Burberry and Givenchy, which has bigger bits of shimmer? Even though fine, when shimmers stick to my undereye areas, they make the fine lines stand out… but a sheen will make my face look less dry and I could escape looking natural. :D Crossing my fingers that the Givenchy gives a less shimmer sheen than Burberry? XD


        • Reply October 7, 2012


          Hi Samantha,

          If you worried about your powder showing in the lines choose Givenchy. It will give a bit more golden glow than Burberry but it won’t look powdery at all. There aren’t really any bits of shimmer in there, or they are so fine that they create more like a metallic look if that makes sense. Burberry is more of a powder texture (which you probably don’t wont as dry skin is usually quite matt anyway)and only the lightest part has got very fine bits of shimmer, however it looks more powdery and that’s why I use it rather to contour than all over the face.

          Achieving smooth make-up on dry skin can be very tricky, sometimes even more than on oily complexion.
          Have you tried using BB cream? This could be a very good option for your everyday make-up. Boots No7 brand does a good one for dry skin. And make sure you apply eye cream too as your skin around the eyes is about 5 times thinner than on the rest of the face, so naturally it dehydrates much faster.
          If you need foundation try to go for a radiant finish rather than matt.

          Use big soft brush with longer brussels for your bronzer rather than a typical bronzing brush. You will achieve more softer and natural finish, just sweep it in a 3 shape on each side of your face.

          Good luck,
          Eva xx

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