What shoes are good for everyday wear?

What shoes are good to have in your collection, to be kind to your feet whilst giving you that “in” look for a number of different occasions?

Well, in the ideal situation it would be great to have a shoe closet like this one on the picture below with equally as many pairs of shoes! But then you might have a problem with which one to choose!

Dream Closet for Shoes Credit: LA ClosetDesign.

In reality however there are some restrictions.

Personally, I’m very picky when it comes to buying shoes, as they have to meet all my criteria. Firstly I have to obviously like the look of the shoes, secondly my shoes should be made of leather! 

Now, I’m talking here of a whole shoe being made of leather not just the outside of it with a plastic inside. This drives me mad! Sorry but this shoe is not going to breathe and wear as a whole leather shoe will. This is my mum’s doing! She would never let me buy shoes if they were not made of leather, unless canvas.

Then, there is the third criteria, very important as far as I am concerned! … hmmm actually this is the one that ‘s going to determine whether I am going to buy the shoes or not!

They have to be comfortable and fit well!

No insoles, stretching, molding and all that silly advise that we are unfortunately given time after time by the shop assistants. Well they are just trying to seal the sale, aren’t they!

Yes! A leather shoe will soften, mold to your feet and stretch a little, but just a tiny bit. If you wear leather shoes you will know how much. In general if you try a pair on and it’s painful and not exactly right straight away, it’s not going to get any more comfortable as your feet are getting tired and swollen as the day goes on! Just forget it! Look somewhere else, look for another pair that’s going to catch your eye.

Space is one of my biggest nightmares at the moment. I could definitely do with a walk in wardrobe and nice shoe closet.

After all of the above, there is of course one last issue… money! So we have to shop wisely sometimes!

So here are some ideas of what kind of shoes are good to own, to be able to wear them and make the most of what you have.

Buy shoes that are going to go with your clothes!

You probably should have something that express’ your style! So if you’re a bit of a rock chic, get yourself a pair of flat ankle boots or Dr Martens or something like it. If you are from spring to autumn touring all the festivals available and running around on muddy fields with a can of dry shampoo I suggest a few pairs of wellies!  A pair of trainers is good for everyone. Match your shoes with your lifestyle just like clothes!

I wear a lot of dresses so I have more shoes to go with the dresses.

Every woman should have a pair in a nude colour in my opinion! It simply goes with anything and everything from spring to autumn. When you wear nude shoes, your legs will look super long too. What can I say, just benefits! I have two pairs of nude shoes myself! Well technically 3 but one is just off nude. I would suggest to invest in a good quality pair if you’re picking a classic. I really like the look of my Dune pair but their not the most comfortable to wear. Recently I went for a change with LK  Bennett, despite having higher heel they are so much more comfortable. They are also cushioned for more comfort while walking. I am absolutely in love with these! I’m not surprised the Duchess of Cambridge wears them all the time. The third pair are wedges also from LK Bennett and they’re not that high at all. If I remember right, the wedge is 6.5 cm high. These are super comfortable. I’ve walked for in them before and they were great.

When I do a lot of running around London I usually choose flats. I always find it difficult to find a pair of pumps that will fit me well and won’t hurt so probably this is why I haven’t got many of them. I usually go for pumps with pointy toes as they tend to have more space for toes. Otherwise I find your toes are bent and that can cause pain.

Lace ups or Oxford style shoes can be great worn both with trousers and skirts. I absolutely love my pair for it’s comfort and elegance in one.

Go crazy with some of your going out shoes! Why not! You live once and your feet are going to hurt anyway! Ideally if it’s because you have spent all night on the dace floor!

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas on what shoes to get!  I shall have a little look around what’s on offer and maybe post some of my favorite for autumn/winter 2012.




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