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RapidLash before&after

If I wasn’t seeing what I’m seeing I probably wouldn’t believe it! In the beauty world full of illusion, products promising amazing results, and us, constantly tricked by packaging and marketing, we continue “hunting” for that magic ingredient. No surprise I was quite skeptical when I first heard about RapidLash.


I then heard some very good opinions about it from people who used it before. I really wanted to try it out for myself, but priced at £39.99 (available from it just wasn’t on my priority list. Some time passed… and I went to the Speed Beauty Event by Kilpatrick PR where I was told me some pretty amazing stories. Afterwards, I was simply itching to try it out.

Thanks to Kilpatrick PR I was able to use it and see what it’s like, as only a few days later the Kilpatrick Team very kindly send me my very own RapidLash.

Day by day…

To see the results I’d recommend you to use it for about 6 weeks. It should be applied every night on clean eyes. The applicator looks just like an eye liner and you should apply it exactly as you would apply a liquid eye liner.

My eye lashes at the start of the treatment with RapidLash.

What happened next…

The Results!

Exceeded my expectations! Only two weeks later Mr. D asked me if I have fake eyelashes on! – “Emmm No darling I just have such naturally great eyelashes.” – Ok I have quite long and full lashes anyway, but now, after using RapidLash for about 6 weeks (missed it only few nights altogether), my eyelashes are seriously long. They are touching my eyebrows! No matter what mascara I apply it looks simply amazing. I have been trying to take some pics over the period of time so hopefully you will be able to notice the difference.

I think RapidLash is fabulous and I can now understand why women who tried it are re-purchasing it again and again. If you want good treatment for you eyelashes this is the product to go for. It’s a must have eye lash serum, even for the biggest nonbelievers!!

I was hesitating and delaying purchase of RapidLash in the past purely because of the price tag and the fact that there are so many products on the market that claim to deliver results but in reality don’t. Seeing the difference it made to my eyelashes, I would not hesitate to pay £41 for it in the future.

This is the only eye lash enhancing serum on that market that is clinically proven to give you up to 50% longer looking eyelashes  and  up to 75% more volume.

We are all clear that as far as I’m concerned it’s just amazing and in a matter of fact, RapidLash WORKS!

But why it works? How it works?

20 days of using RapidLash

RapidLash will help to strengthen lashes against breakage caused by using eye lash curlers, fake eye lashes, glue etc. RapidLash helps to nourish and protect thanks to a powerful blend of essential proteins, vitamins, moisturising and rejuvenating ingredients that help bond nutrients to lashes.  Simply said… your lashes are being fed with a healthy dose of nursing ingredients so they can grow to their full potential, healthy, shiny and for as long as they should to reach their full length. This is why my lashes are longer than they ever been.

I’ve also had so many compliments about the look of my eye lashes in recent days that I’ve lost count. I’ve been asked if I’ve changed mascara – but I haven’t, I’m still using what I always was. I’ve been asked if I had fake lashes inserted – no I’m afraid they are real and they are mine! Quite a few people who I work with, dealt with in recent weeks decided to get RapidLash for themselves too after I revealed my secret. In all honesty I don’t know of any product that I’ve used in the past that entices other people to go out and get it just by me using it and them seeing the results.

This I took after a few weeks on my phone!


This picture was taken after just over 2 months of using RapidLash.


RapidLash before&after

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  • Reply April 5, 2016


    Hi!!!! i am so happy to see that your lashes grown so fast and beautiful!!! but i have some questions like, when you stop use it
    (rapidlash) your lashes will stay that kind of long??????

    • Reply April 18, 2016


      Hi Alexa,

      I found my lashes were that thick for about 3 months. Basically as you stop nursing your eyelashes the new hair/lashes which are growing without extra nutrition simply won’t be as thick and shiny and therefore they will appear less fuller and probably won’t grow as long.

      You just inspired me to go back on rapidlash :) Kind a miss my mile long eyelashes lol

      Take care,

      Ewa x

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