BY TERRY Hyaluronic Face Glow review.


It was only a month ago when I posted a review of a Sheer Expert foundation, after I totally fell in love with it. I mentioned then the hyaluronic face glow by  “BY TERRY” which I was given a sample of and how impressed I was with the results. So I did what I said I would, as soon as I got payed, I marched back to SpaceNK to get a blue tube of pure magic.

This is the BEST base I have ever used by far. It truly does what it promises. I can genuinely say that it improves how your skin looks and feels, here are the details.

After I’ve applied Hyaluronic Face Glow, my skin was smooth but it also evened out skin colouring and any redness while still being translucent on the skin. This mean’t my skin looked picture perfect, even before applying any powder or foundation (thats probably thanks to the mineral micro-pigments). It’s made of whipped hyaluronic acid molecules so it’s also very hydrating for the skin. Hyaluronic Face Glow will give you a matt but soft finish. It actually blends and looks better when applied very sparingly.
Skin looks so great that I found myself wondering quite a few times whether I should put any make up afterwards or not. I suppose it’s no surprise as it does say on the box that it “creates the illusion of perfect bare skin”.

Hyaluronic Face Glow from “BY TERRY” is the first base ever that I used on my skin everyday for a whole month. This is actually quite an achievement as I would only use most primers sporadically, even those I like. With most of them my skin starts to flake, dry or pores start to block when used daily. This just isn’t the case with the Hyaluronic Face Glow by “BY TERRY”. I would even dare to say it prevents my skin from loosing moisture. I have an air conditioning unit right above my head at work and I have noticed that my skin simply doesn’t dehydrate as easily with the base as it does without it.

Again this is maybe not the cheapest option, priced at £44 (for 40ml) from SpaceNK but it’s well worth every penny.

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