Smooth & Improve by No7 product review.

It’s been now 4 weeks since I’ve started using No7 Smooth & Improve Cellulite Treatment.

As it claims on the packaging to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite in just 4 weeks, lets have a closer look at it.

Smooth & Improve has a pretty amazing applicator. 5 small rolling balls set in the head of a tube make massaging quite easy. It feels smooth as you roll them on your flabby bits but I’m not sure if it’s enough pressure for maximum results. I found that having a massager built into the product was encouraging me to actually do it more often. Even it it was a random 30 second rub on each leg. I think that’s better than nothing, don’t you?

Massaging is very important when using any cellulite treatments as it stimulates blood circulation, helping break apart cellulite as well allowing better product absorption into the skin.

Smooth & Improve contains sandalwood and caffeine to stimulate micro-circulation as well as Pro-vitamin A which helps to smooth the skin.

My friends know that when it comes to cellulite I like to prevent it rather than trying to fight it off, so I always use some kind of a product. Before I started my tube of Smooth & Improve I was using CELLULI LASER D.CODE by Biotherm. This is my favourite of all cellulite treatments I’ve tried so far, using it a lot meant my legs and bum were in quite good condition to start with. Nevertheless I still like the way the light creamy texture of Smooth & Improve kept my skin feeling smooth. The back of my legs are still looking good which means this product was able to maintain the results I achieved with my previous product. In my opinion it’s a good achievement from No7. I’m always wary that switching from a luxury product (which is delivering the results I’m happy with) will result in a big disappointment when I realise that other treatments just don’t work as well.

If I was to pick on something that’s perhaps a negative of the product it would be the packaging. We have this great massage head which is fab, but this means you have to squeeze your product through fairly small holes in the middle of the massaging head. This is why the tube itself is soft, to make it easy and that’s great, but when I started to massage I was completely squashing the tube making it a little bit uncomfortable to use. I ended up holding it right by the neck of the massaging head to have a firmer grip, allowing me to apply some more pressure to the massaged area.

I would repurchase it in the future, that is certain. I think it’s a perfect alternative and great competition to the expensive brands. It retails at £22 per tube. At the moment when you spend over £5 in Boots store you will get a voucher which you can then use on nearly every No7 product including Smooth & Improve cellulite treatment. This will take it to £16 which I think is value for money.

Have you tried it yet?

What do you think? What is your most favourite anti-cellulite treatment?

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It’s been week or two since I posted this review and I feel like updating you all on how I’m getting on with it. As the product is running out, squeezing it out of the tube is becoming more difficult. The pressure needed to squeeze the product out popped a little whole on the seal of the tube. Now I have product coming out both ways. In my opinion the packaging should be improved or people will stop repurchasing Smooth & Improve.

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