Chiffon skirt for the summer.


A Chiffon skirt is definitely trending this summer. It’s one of the must have items of the season. In a way I hate saying a must-have! It’s just overused by many magazines I suppose! There are so many must-have items every month or week in all the glossy magazines that I would be bankrupt if I even attempted to buy 10% of them. Well I have to admit though, all those soft and pretty chiffon skirts have been growing on me this year.

Chiffon skirts are pretty much available in every store. From high-street to high end luxurious brands. Long ones, with pleats, asymmetric and high – low skirts.

Of course I’ve decided to get myself one of the chiffon skirts too. Not being sure if we are going to have any summer weather this summer I opted for a budget option. I picked mine from Forever 21 for something like £12.

We were so lucky here in London having a whole two weeks of summer, I wore my skirt a lot over that period of time. It’s actually a cool piece of clothing, that can be worn in quite a few different ways for an off duty look.

Here are some pictures taken on one of those hot summer days, wearing it with a sleeveless top and hat. It can also look equally cool with a t-shirt and leather jacket. I should probably work more on the skirt- top and leather jacket look if the weather isn’t going to improve soon.





Here I some links to other skirts which I thought are worth buying.



MANGO- Tail hem pleated skirt 



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