Feeling good- the water secret story!


If your feeling tired all the time, can’t cope with your workload, think you look tired, no make up can help and to top it all off you can’t even have a night of restful sleep – you should read on. If you are the lucky few who is absolutely 100% fine you should read this even because ‘even when we think we know it all, it’s good to be told sometimes.’


I will share with you my ‘SECRET’ simply because things happen for a reason!

I haven’t been in the best form the last couple of months. I felt a bit hopeless as I had no energy left in me, I couldn’t concentrate and generally all was going downhill. I had some blood tests done… and all was good. Now, that was great news, but I think I was hoping my doctor would prescribe me some iron tablets or something like it and I would be back to my normal self in an instant, but with a good blood test results I was left still feeling like a shadow of my former self with a complete lack of a solution to this situation.

Deep down I knew what was the matter! I was tired! I was stressed! I haven’t been eating well too. It’s amazing how quickly our bodies will let us know that we aren’t treating it right. That day I decided to make a SERIOUS effort to look after myself. I was already working on finding more time to relax, and that was going well’ish.

Food! Going back to eating like I always used to was going to be my solution! My mum always used to say “You are what you eat!” so I grew up having lots of fruit and veg. I used to pick what I fancy from our huge garden in the house I used to live as a child. Nowadays, I cook from scratch pretty much every day and I really like all sort of fruits! I was just too tired to bother doing anything. A couple of months of food laziness on top of work and all my projects and I was a walking ZOMBIE!

About three weeks into my new ‘good self’ regime, just when I was felling proud for eating well again and I even started making more effort to go for the odd walk… I came across a very special book. “The Water Secret” by Dr. Howard Murad.

OMG! I love it! I can’t tell you how much I think every single person who cares about their wellbeing, health, beauty, whatsoever should read this book. Some of the things I read in there I already knew, but I just needed to be TOLD! I’ve learned a lot about how my body works and how easily it can be affected by my diet. Both in a good and a bad way!

This book is all about the ‘water secret’ and how it effects our bodies, health and generally speaking – US! I am not even going to try to explain what it advises you on or what you will get from it. If you feel you need to improve your wellbeing, you will read this book, just because you feel like you want to, or maybe because you feel like you need to BE TOLD, to find motivation within yourself.

After reading only part of the book I implemented some of Dr. Murad’s suggestions into my daily diet, meaning I’ve tried products I have never tried before. I also realised how mechanical I was about buying my fruit and veg. I ended up eating all year round a few of the same kind of fruit! Ghosh! I feel awful when I think about it now. No wonder I was feeling deflated.

In only two weeks of following some of Dr.Murad’s suggestions I’ve eaten more fruit and veg than I had probably during last month altogether! My energy levels are back to normal! This just feels amazing. By the end of week 3 I caught a stomach bug :(. Rather unpleasant I know, I shall spare you the details, but after sleeping for nearly 24 hours straight, I started getting better much faster. Four days later,I am now able to get back to my normal diet, full of juicy fruits.

You should know that this book is NOT a diet book. It’s about healthy choices in your life, it’s about your lifestyle. From food though to relaxation and managing stress levels. Dr. Murad will give you some great easy tips to follow so you can look after your body in such a way it can actually start taking care of itself!

I’m being very secretive here! I just don’t want to sound too clever lol. Really, I just think it’s better if you will hear it all from Dr. Murad himself as he spent 30 years working on this book. The full title is “The Water Secret the cellular breakthrough to look and feel 10 years younger” by Howard Murad, M.D.

I’m so thrilled this book fell into my hands just at the right time.

I’m off now to EAT some of my water! I have a lovely melon waiting for me :)

If you have already read this book please let me know what you think? Are you following “the water secret”?

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  • Reply July 22, 2012

    Victoria Stoate

    When I did the raw food diet for 4 months or so signs of aging reversed, and my skin was bright and luminous and I had so much energy that I had to walk everywhere. I love this idea of eating your water. When you cook food and you see steam coming off it, that’s all the good water inside just evaporating into thin air. Celery and Cucumber are particularly good sources as they don’t have so much sugar so are good for the teeth. Cheers to that (eating some grapes) :)

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