The Queens Diamond Jubilee bonanza!



Do you feel the excitement of the long weekend and Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations approaching? I’m now feeling very enthusiastic as the weekend is only two days away and I’ve been invited to a BBQ at IMO. It will take Place at its offices situated by Lambeth bridge, overlooking the river Thames, so I should have first row seats to see the boat pageant. No surprise I’m so excited.

What would be a suitable outfit to wear at an off duty official event like a BBQ at the International Maritime Organisation full of diplomats and their families?

Good question.

I’m hoping for good weather and planning on wearing my linen skirt with ivory top. Accessorise with a red beaded necklace and white and red shamballa bracelet. Some cutey bling bling. I have been kindly sent a couple of bracelets by Cutey and I particularly like its shamballa bracelet. Made of balls full of tiny crystals. I think the shamballa bracelet is a great way to wear some bling in a casual way. For under £20 from cutey’s web site, you can get some sparkly bracelets to go with quite a few outfits for not very much. I really like the look of their gold beaded bracelet.

For this event my aim is to be casual whilst being a bit stylish too.

If the rain will cool the air I’ll have to come up with something last minute but I hoping I don’t have to.




Top – Forever 21

Skirt – Next

Shamballa bracelet- curtsy of Cutey

Bag- bought it on holiday about 5 years ago but I don’t think it’s any particular brand.


If you haven’t got in the swing yet there are lots of gadgets around to help you. Here are some of my picks.


Union Jack Oven Mitt from Accessorize


Jig Cushion saw Crown


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