The perfect eye cream for dark circles.


My skin is quite thin and pale meaning  I always used to suffer from dark circles under my eyes. That’s why I am constantly searching for that perfect eye cream that’s going to vanish darkness under my eyes forever.

I’ve tried many different eye creams, although they may advertise for darkness under the eyes, most of them just didn’t work for me, meaning they usually ended up in the bin. It’s not an easy job to find the perfect eye product that does all it promises on the box.

I’ve been using these products over the past … OMG six years! There is no budget option here, simply because I haven’t found a single budget eye product that would work in my opinion. After using premium products I was able to compare the results. Each time I’ve tried budget eye products, my eyes were darker than before I started using them. After a few missed buys I’ve finally learned my lesson. Not only am not going to achieve any results by buying cheap but I’m also not saving any money. I constantly found myself marching back to the counter to buy my usual trusted eye product, which works.

In the past I used eyecon by Benefit for a long time (probably about 3 years) but I haven’t tried their new it’s potent, since the old one was discontinued and the new range was launched. This new formula is supposed to be pretty much the same as the old one and if that’s the case this will be the perfect product for anyone who is concerned about darkness under the eyes but is not looking for any anti-ageing action.

At present I use either Lancômes Primordial eye or Genifique eye. I think that Genifique is exceptionally good for darkness under the eyes. It’s designed to brighten the under eye area and smooth the skin. It also has a nice texture that’s creamy but not too heavy.

While Primordial is more refreshing as it’s a gel texture, it’s also designed to fight darkness as well as puffiness and it helps to smooth fine lines too.

I have also tried Dermalogica Total Eye Care with SPF 15, and I found it worked for me too, but I haven’t used a full size product. I do love the fact it has chemical-free sunscreen to protect the delicate under eye area. I’m only starting another little pot of my Genifique eye cream now, but when it’ll run out I’d like to give this one a go.

I hope this will help any of you who are looking for a good eye cream for darkness under the eyes. Remember to let me know if you tried something truly remarkable too.

You can buy them here:

Genifique eyes at the moment at discounted price at John Lewis store 

Primordial also at discounted price here 

It’s potent also cheeper at Debenhams 

Total Eye Care is much cheeper form Skincare in a box than in store.

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