Dry Skin Mask by Montagne Jeunesse review.

Last week I went away for a few days so I had a great opportunity to try out some new products. I was planning on relaxing at every opportunity so pampering myself fitted perfectly well into my holiday scenario. I had been sent some face masks to try out by Montagne Jeunesse, so I decided to take them with me, as they come packed individually. I still have a few masks left to try but I felt like I can’t try them all at once because I won’t be able to see which of them gives truly good results.

These new masks come as a two step treatment; a mask and a moisturiser to compliment the treatment. I really like this idea especially that these are perfect for travel and that means there’s no need to pack half of your bathroom to pamper yourself on holiday.

Just like I predicted, my skin was a bit dry and tired after the flight, however on the positive side I have had it much worse. I had less then 4 hours sleep prior to the flight which probably wasn’t helping my skin but I did manage to give myself a quick treatment before going.

I washed my face with Huile Eclat by Lancome (love to take it away as it’s great to remove all your make up, including mascara. I poured some into little bottles, which I got from MOUJI) than I applied a Moisturising mask.

These small packs of Montagne Jeunesse facial masks hold enough product to apply it generously. There was still a bit left after I had covered my face and neck with it. I kept it on for about 15 minutes, while munching into my lovely fruit salad, than I washed it off using cotton pads soaked with warm water (cosmetic sponges or muslin cloth will probably be better, however I hadn’t packed any so I had to improvise).

So what was it like?

I was expecting for some reason a really intense fruity smell and yes, it was fruity but not to strong at all. The texture was rich but not too sticky and I could see it soaking into my skin. After only a few minutes, the mask was absorbed slightly, especially in the areas that felt extra tight or where I hadn’t applied a thick layer of it.

Before I applied this mask my skin did have a few areas of really dry/flakey skin (forehead, around my nose and chin) and my cheeks felt sensitised.

After this treatment my skin was smooth, plumped and soothed. I could definitely tell that it helped to bring moisture back into my skin. My skin wasn’t tight anymore and the dry areas were not as obvious. Of course it wouldn’t make the flakiness go away completely as it’s not an exfoliator, however I wasn’t planning on using any scrub or peel on my dry or sensitive skin after the flight.

I’m not sure if I would swap it over my regular hydrating mask that I use at home but I would definitely buy it to take away with me or to just pop into my gym bag.

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